List of Neobanks

NeoBanks – Mobile Only Banks – App Only Banks
Neobank Country
Judo Bank Australia
Tyro Payments Australia
Volt Bank Australia
Avenue (SME Neobank) Australia
Xinja Australia
UP Australia
86400 Australia
NuBank Brazil
Banco Original Brazil
Banco Inter Brazil
Koho Canada
NorthOne (SME Neobank) Canada
MYBank China
Lunar Denmark
Dopay Egypt
n26 E.U, United States
Dofinance E.U
DynaPay (Business Neobank) France, Spain, Germany, EU
Hello bank! France
Shine France
Anytime France
Holvi (SME Neobank) Finland
Monestro Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia
Xpence Gulf (U.A.E)
Neat (SME Neobank) Hong Kong
Statrys Hong Kong
NiYO India
Open (Business Neobank) India
InstantPay India
Soldo Italy
Jibuan Bank Japan
Sumishin Net Bank Japan
Jal Neobank Japan
Kakao Bank Korea
NeoFinance Lithuania
Albo Mexico
Robocred Mexico
Bunq Netherlands
Tonik Bank Philippines
mBank Poland
Tinkoff Bank Russian Federation
Sovcom Bank Russian Federation
Rocket Bank Russian Federation
Aspire (SME Neobank) Singapore
Lotus Sirilanka
Bnext Spain, Europe
P.F.C. Sweden
Gimi Sweden
220 Bank United Kingdom
3s Money United Kingdom, Netherland, Luxembourg, Denmark and Germany
Atom Bank United Kingdom
Monzo United Kingdom
Revolut (Business Neobank) United Kingdom, Australia, USA
Starling Bank United Kingdom
Curve United Kingdom
Tandem United Kingdom
Tide bank United Kingdom
Aspiration United States
JUNO United States
Simple United States
AXOS United States
Chime United States
NOVO United States
VARO (Business Neobank) United States
STASH United States
GOBank United States
Jeff App Vietnam



What are Neobanks?

A neobank is a type of direct bank that is 100% digital. It interacts with its customers on mobile apps and personal computer platforms only. With the COVID19 acceleration neobanks are growing every week whole over the world.

What are the advantages of digital bank versus traditional banks?

  1. Hassle-free account creation
  2. Seamless international payments
  3. User-friendly interface
  4. Smart reporting
  5. Business ready too


Neobanks appeal is clear for younger generation but it is becoming a must for traditional banks too. New banks are becoming very popular as it is easy to open an account and not only made for tech savvy clients. Their offer is usually focus on cutting hedge solutions with a mobile app.

Established banks can become challenger challenger banks too with digital tools and powerful CRM. Putting a CRM in the middle facilitates flexible banking offer. Banking license is still a prerequisite if you wish to have your own bank. If you prefer to operate with a third party banking licence then you can use an umbrella bank.

Starting with InvestGlass portal offers you a full range of flexibility and help you reduce monthly maintenance fees. Our solutions offers financial service automation perfect to upsales neobank service which focuses on money transfers, savings accounts, lending, expenses management, or deposit insurance.