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InvestGlass Approval Process

The approval process is designed to facilitate and streamline approval workflows within your company. 

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Three main advantages of InvestGlass

Approval in Serie & Parallel

A serie approval process involves sequential approval step by step, while a parallel approval process allows for simultaneous approvals.

Full Audit Trail

Provides a comprehensive traceability of activities, enabling enhanced transparency and compliance in investment management.

Bulk Approval

A feature that enables simultaneous approval or rejection of a set of requests or transactions.

How it works

1. Setup Approvers group

It involves grouping specific users who have the authority to approve or reject certain requests or transactions.

2. Create approval process

Implementing a structured process for the approval of requests or transactions within the platform.

3. Submit for approval

Submit a request or transaction for a pre-configured approval process.

4. Collect approvers’ decision

Gather the decisions of the approvers regarding a submitted request or transaction for approval.

5. Result & Reporting

Generate detailed reports on the outcomes of approval processes, including approvals, rejections, processing times, and other relevant information.

Steps for new approval rule

Give a name for your approval rule, choose your target object, approver and your specific conditions

Conditions to finish approval process

Finally, you must choose the approval conditions of the approvers and how you want to be notified at the end of your approval process.