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Our team will help you identify key critical functions in your business. InvestGlass can be hosted on public, private, or on-premise to fit your data policy and sovereignty. 

Combining Risk Management
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Data life cycle management

Data life cycle management is a process or methodology for overseeing the collection, storage, organization, archiving, retention and disposal of data over its entire life cycle.

Architecture & hosting

Are you allowed to use the data in this way? InvestGlass can be hosted in your own SOC2 environment, FINMA/DIFC environment. Behind your WAF.

Operational resilience

Operational resilience is the ability to quickly adapt and respond to unplanned events, disruptions, and crises in order to maintain operations, even when faced with severe constraints. To achieve operational resilience requires a proactive approach that includes developing a plan B for architecture and business continuity, in addition to regular reviews of existing plans.

Working as a Team

Holistic risk management is a strategy aimed at achieving organizational objectives by proactively managing risks across all areas of an organization. Working as a team to coordinate relevant areas of holistic risk management can help organizations achieve their goals more effectively, efficiently, and with greater confidence.

Making a Positive Impact

Risk management is key to your business continuity and your customer’s satisfaction as well.

Portfolio control

InvestGlass helps you to implement mortgage-back position monitoring, LTV, margin call, checking position classes exposure, rating monitoring, and more.


InvestGlass is building in a “meta-programming” way to fit new regulations in the financial sector and health sectors.

The InvestGlass way of delivering your project

1. Understanding the needs

Creating a roadmap for any company can be a daunting task. It requires thorough research and understanding of the organization, its goals, and its target audience. For starters, it is important to identify the current state of the business. This includes exploring their current objectives and strategies, as well as analyzing their performance by measuring key metrics like revenue.

2. Defining the risks and the budget

When defining the risks and budget of a project, it is important to take into account both the services offered and the regulations that must be respected. As any project involves some level of risk, it is important to be aware of all potential issues beforehand and address each of them accordingly. This includes considering how much of a budget can realistically be allocated to a project, which in turn will decide the scope and timeline of the project. Additionally, managers must ensure that all safety measures are in place to protect personnel involved in the project as well as third parties who may be affected by it. Finally, any regulations and laws applicable to the particular project should be followed closely to avoid potential legal action.

3. Building the time roadmap

We understand the importance of having a timeline roadmap when building projects for your company. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. We’ll provide regular updates so that you’re always aware of our progress and any changes or adjustments we may need to make along the way.

4. Gathering the right people to execute

Gathering the right people to execute and test together the solution is an important part of ensuring that it works smoothly. It is essential to create a team of individuals with the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge to be able to work together effectively for success in achieving our goal.

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