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InvestGlass what's new?

InvestGlass What’s New? Week 5 – 2024

Greetings InvestGlass fans,

Prepare to explore the dynamic realm of banking sales with InvestGlass, your unparalleled tool for ascending to sales excellence. Today, we delve into how InvestGlass revolutionizes the industry with its advanced features: Pipeline Insights, Effortless Account Transfers, and the Innovative Temenos API Connection.

Pipeline management

The Importance of Your Pipeline: Have you ever pondered why certain transactions succeed while others do not? InvestGlass offers comprehensive insights into your pipeline, enabling you to tailor your approach, impress your clientele, and secure those crucial agreements. We will provide guidance on leveraging these insights to enhance your sales effectiveness.

Account to Account transfer

Simplified Account Transfers: Bid farewell to cumbersome financial transactions. With InvestGlass, transferring funds becomes straightforward, significantly improving both your and your clients’ experiences. We will guide you through optimizing this feature for maximum customer satisfaction.

Connection to Temenos API

Temenos API Integration: Envision possessing banking superpowers. By integrating with the Temenos API through InvestGlass, you unlock a world of opportunities for smoother operations, more intelligent data analysis, and highly personalized services, making your clients feel uniquely understood.

Stay with us as we elucidate each feature through accessible insights, demonstrating how to elevate your banking sales strategy with InvestGlass. Whether your goal is to refine your techniques, streamline transactions, or leverage API integration, this presentation will provide you with the necessary tools.

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