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Swiss SalesTech tools for Wealth Management


So what does that mean for you?

Deal with compliance

Stay on top of investment engagements and compliance lists. Predictive analytics inform your teams about the right momentum to engage prospects and clients. Spot risks & tracks deals. 

Intuitive rebalancing

Discover the Security Swapper. Based on simple elements : what investors bought in the past, which securities are eligible and underweight portfolio simulation. Security Swapper indicates suitable and un-biased alternatives.

Easy to use, Easy to love

InvestGlass is immediately usable, no installation is required, no IT support needed, and no command line to learn. It is accessible on any computer or smartphones at anytime.


Why InvestGlass

The best technology doesn't win. The best solution to the problem wins.


What Makes Us Unique


Markets feeds, CRM, Compliance-Convictions


For discretionary mandates, advisory, and self directed services.


Securities-investor suitability, smart call report dashboard

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