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Collect data with digital forms. Engage your audience with targeted surveys. Deliver sophisticated banking experiences. We reduce your carbon footprint.
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Guiding Digital Transformation

Customizable forms

User-friendly interface.

No programming is needed to build onboarding forms. Turn your paper into digital. 

Indeed, the onboarding, which is cumbersome and time exhaustive, becomes fast and easy. The personalization of forms and surveys, as well as the already available templates, convey an easy process in which efficiency is maximized for financial platforms. 


Mix Digital and Paper

Keep both options.

InvestGlass’s experience and wide range of clients have impacted positively on realizing the need for a customizable offer. This feature is a latent component in the onboarding process which tailor your needs as you wish. 

Onboarding can be made solely digitally, solely manually (written by hand), or a combination of both. Incorporated into the CRM, few different well-know digital signatures are available. Yet, paper trails can remain under the condition that you type the relevant written add-on manually.

Powerful CRM Integrations

Results from forms and surveys are directly and efficiently incorporated in your CRM.

The easiness and efficiency of our interface allow our clients to decide instantly when a form is submitted, i.e. to accept or reject said form. Additionally, on-boarding forms directly transpose the information in the form to information in your CRM portal, allowing you to gain valuable time. The automation process inherent to our product allows automating this on-boarding process and, thus, lessens the time between a client submitting a form and following-up.

One of our product useful integration is the approval list. This tool allows you to trigger an approval process whenever a situation aforselected occurs. E.g. an approval process can be automatically launched whenever a prospect or client is politically involved.

Besides the inherent features of the portal, InvestGlass partners provide a wide range of options to check or double-check prospects and clients. Ranging from facial recognition to check in money-laundering lists, your security is one of our main concern and a clear competitive advantage.


Score and Client Classification

Perfect for risk assessment and knowledge scoring.

Forms and Surveys are a key object of customer relations and, thus, the main feature of our product. Results from forms and surveys are understandable and analytically pleasant, meaning the clarity is central to the display of results. 

Following forms and surveys, automatic contact reports are created which ease following-up on clients. Furthermore, refusal of a form is possible as well as demanding resubmission. 

Overall, due to the customizability of the product, if a feature is not yet available, InvestGlass will develop it for you as we aim at simplifying your work.

Score and Client Satisfaction

Email Marketing

Our user-friendly interface lessens the time needed for mailing and contacting clients

InvestGlass aims at providing the easiest and least stressful experience during onboarding. Therefore, in order to support the process, the portal allows you to personalize emails and follow-up for your newly onboarded clients. We provide you per default with templates which includes one email for new users. These templates are of course modifiable and new ones can be added.

In order to ease, once again, this process, you can decide to automate any part of it such as sending an email to every new contact or reminding yourself to contact them again for a follow-up.

Smart Conditional Logic

InvestGlass gives you unlimited access to conditional logic for free.

InvestGlass gives you unlimited access to conditional logic for free, so you can easily control how your forms appear to users and collect more accurate data. This conditional logic may be implemented in forms to classify contacts or in automation to, as implied, render a process automatic.

Conditional logic is especially useful when automated to send emails depending on a given condition, to remind yourself of a meeting, or to notify yourself whenever a client submits a document, among a long list of endless possibilities.

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