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A CRM, or customer relationship management system, is a software application used by businesses to track and manage customer interactions and information.

InvestGlass CRM is best for businesses that want to track and manage customer interactions and information. It can help businesses keep track of customer data, interactions, and history, which can help them better understand their customers and improve customer service. Additionally, InvestGlass CRM can also help businesses manage their finances and investments, making it a comprehensive CRM solution.

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Swiss Made Software – InvestGlass CRM

CRM is a term that has been around for decades. The acronym stands for Customer Relationship Management and it’s one of the most popular tools in the world of marketing. InvestGlass CRM is a company that provides CRM solutions to customers all over the globe. If you are interested in optimizing your customer relationships, then this blog post will provide helpful information on how to do so with software made by Swiss-based InvestGlass!

1. InvestGlass is Swiss Made Software, a CRM that integrates with your favorite business realities

Originally made for financial services, the CRM robustness will satisfy +50 users companies. By default, InvestGlass is hosted on Swiss Cloud in Geneva and in Lausanne.

We hosted our solutions on Swiss servers because they are the safest in Europe, with snowcapped mountains and nuclear fallout shelters.

InvestGlass CRM integrates with a total of +100 software vendors such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Bexio, Winbiz or Xero accounting tools.

##2. Swiss Made CRM which helps you manage customer relationships and leads from start to finish

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management software. It is a business-critical tool for any company and it’s used to maintain customer relationships, manage leads through the sales pipeline, forecast future revenues from these customers or generate reports on marketing campaigns such as webinars.

The CRM includes these sequences of your business

  1. Acquire leads.
  2. Convert leads into customers.
  3. Provide superior customer service.
  4. Drive upsells which means addressing our service to the rest of the family or friends of your customer.
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Welcome to Geneva!

3. You can use it for free for two weeks before signing up, so give it a try!

Like any other SAAS solution, you can try InvestGlass for two weeks before starting for real. While you try InvestGlass you will receive our latest webinars and tutorials.

The best part about InvestGlass is the unlimited storage capacity – there’s no limit on how many contacts you can add or messages you can send. You can connect existing with Salesforce, Google Gmail, and Office 365, to our Swiss cloud InvestGlass, gives users an easy way to keep track of all their projects and deals. at once 

And if you are in Geneva, 2 rue de jargonnant, in Eaux-Vives we welcome you for a face-to-face meeting!


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How to choose a CRM in 2021?

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Choosing the right CRMS for your business can be difficult. CRM means Customer Relationship Management. There are a lot of options out there, and no two CRMs are alike. That is why it’s important to do your research before making any decisions. In this blog post, we will discuss what factors you should consider when making a decision about which CRM is best for you and your business in 2021.

How do I choose a small business CRM?

To choose a CRM you have to plan the ratio cost to revenues you will save using will the CRM. A good CRM should have an affordable price, be easy to use and provide the features you need.

It is also important to consider what type of CRM will work best for your company. There are two main types:

– On-Premise CRM which means on your server which is more expensive

– Cloud-based CRM (also known as off-premise) is cheaper.

On-premise CRMS usually costs less than the cloud.

Then your CRM should have good email marketing tools. Email marketing is an important part of marketing and should be considered when making a decision on CRM.

If you want to use your data in other software, then make sure the CRM can export or import your data into different formats like CSV for example. This is called interoperability.

Most CRM will have a free trial and SAAS pricing. You can pay per month and per seat your CRM to grow the number of seats as you grow.

How do small businesses keep track of sales?

You should have with any CRM a little learning curve. We publish weekly webinars and videos and direct help. Small businesses will appreciate seeing sales forecasting, sales pipeline, lead scoring without programming or complex setup.

CRM for small businesses should be more or less ready to run in the hour. Sales team will easily import their contacts with a drag and drop solution.

The COM can be connected to phone calls and a direct connection between both solutions will prevent dual data entry. Businesses of all sizes can connect to this calling system. We suggest you have a look at Aircall.

Dissolution with S pipeline management will facilitate the reading of the sales process. Marketing and sales staff if you have both he’ll appreciate that the user interface is easy to use. The marketing specialist will appreciate the marketing campaign replacing tools commonly used like Mailchimp, Freshworks CRM, Hubspot CRM, Zoho CRM or Pipedrive CRM.

InvestGlass is hosted on Swiss servers which you will definitely appreciate if you care about your data privacy and hosting. Customer support also is important and we offer a premium version of InvestGlass where our team will spend the time needed to setup your CRM and make business owners confident of tool.

What about sales workflow automation?

If your small business wants to scale fast and your number of users is limited we suggest you have a look at our automation tool. Those tools are connected to Zapier which is a bridge to connected to +1000 cloud-based applications. Business owners dream right?

We can suggest, like an art curator, which mobile apps will better suit your business needs, and which pieces of customer data will connect into which features.

There is no programming for your marketing and customer service and InvestGlass will do the “plumbing” between the cloud-based applications if it’s needed. If you wish to connect Intercom, Docusign, Slack, even Whatsapp this is possible. Sales reps will progress with new needs so it’s important to connect new bricks to existing CRM features.

Once you pick the bricks, you will create into your CRM for small businesses a sales workflow automation like a Forbes 500 company! Yes, customer relationships with artificial intelligence are accessible to small businesses. For example, based on your customer data collected from lead generation, the AI can filter the leads and address them to the right sales or service.

If sales pipelines are slowing down too much, the CRM will send a nudge to your sales reps to speed up the project management. No more stress for business owners and sales teams because the machine does sales automation WITH you.

Marketing campaigns also are an important tool as you are growing. When a campaign is not properly open, the CRM can trigger another sequence to make sure that your marketing sales team is actively following customers. Now you deserve the best CRM possible and marketing automation is easy to set up. Sales and marketing teams will collaborate because it’s simple EASY.

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Alternative to Hubspot made in Switzerland? Meet InvestGlass CRM

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Hubspot is one of the leading blog platforms, but it has a glaring issue. It requires a lot of time and effort to make each post stand out because there are no templates or styles available for users. This is where InvestGlass comes in. With this platform, you can create a professional-looking collaborative portal with just a few clicks!

Alternative to Hubspot made in Switzerland

InvestGlass CRM is carefully built and hosted in Switzerland. Switzerland is well known for its strict privacy laws. Lead generation can be done from our public cloud in Geneva Switzerland or if you run a large business you can ask for an on-premise CRM platform. The cloud solution is scalable and it is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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We don’t believe free plan is a soluiton – and when you start paying for the CRM you find that you pay a lot for your marketing software! We decided to adapt with very comprehensive pricing.

InvestGlass CRM has a fully-fledged document management system integrated, which provides support for team collaboration on existing documents or creating new ones. Documents are not just stored in the cloud but they’re also indexed by Google Document tools so that you can search for them easily. This gives

InvestGlass CRM is the only post creation tool that has a fully integrated collaboration portal, featuring instant notifications and updates to every user on your team in real-time! Use our smart drafting feature to synchronize all of your ideas into one draft, then share with colleagues for feedback before you publish it live.

The product can be connected to Hubspot API but also to Hubspot competitors like ActiveCampaign, Marketo, Mailchimp or Salesforce but it best work when you keep it in the same environment.

Hubspot alternative how do we migrate?

InvestGlass offers a lazy import plan perfect for small businesses’ data import. It’s an agile CRM so you can import your leads, clients, products into the Swiss hosted CRM. Marketing and sales teams will appreciate that the solution is easy to use for email campaigns and lead nurturing.

A big advantage is that InvestGlass with the product dimension will facilitate email marketing tool, inbound marketing.

CRM features are very similar to what your sales team are used to play and the marketing team will appreciate InvestGlass collaborative portal. If you have existing tools like a live chat – you will add the code snippet to run your chat.

Email automation will have to be created into InvestGlass but it’s quite easy to replicate and our team will make sure your marketing efforts are 0.

Although InvestGlass doesn’t offer a free plan, only paid plans, InvestGlass team will assist you when you start your free trial !

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From eCommerce business and fintech neobank builder

Most CRM platforms are disconnected from the landing page builder. InvestGlass offers a landing page builder you can customize in minutes. Marketing automation features will open widgets on the landing page based on the customer segment. Customers will find the right information at the right time and in the right format. Sales and marketing teams will have less work to do thanks to the automation process. Customization options will fit your corporate branding.

eCommerce is booming and with InvestGlass, the entire marketing process will be more streamlined. eCommerce business owners appreciate InvestGlass because it is easy to use and customizes perfectly.

Digital marketing is now a must for eCommerce companies looking to capture new leads and launch hyper – targeted email marketing campaigns. Email campagins will also benefit from template, scheduler and a b testing tools. Automation tool will schedule email email automation at the right time. Email variables will add in the email body and title email address, CRM information such as the first name, or a catchy word we call an icebreaker.

Would it be inbound or outbound marketing, the email marketing should specific with a call to action your customers will understand.

And for neobanks customers?

Fintech neobank builders will also find InvestGlass an excellent choice for marketing automation features. InvestGlass paid plans to include all you need to build neobank digital onboarding, email marketing, lead nurturing and KYC remediation. Create landing pages for your neobank in minutes.

We have business owners of business banks using InvestGlas landing pages for their POC. POC means Proof Of Concept. We are seeing a lot of business banks using InvestGlass because it is so easy to use and then they can decide if they want to implement the product for their business or not.

Are you ready to consider alternatives to Hubspot?

Sales and marketing teams will find with InvetGlass all features and sales automation to increase lead capture and conversion.

Get more productive and less busy !

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How to Create a Successful Email Marketing Strategy in 2021?

How to create a successful email marketing strategy in 2021?

In this email strategy, you will find examples and templates for generating and higher return on investment often called ROI. With COVID increasing numbers of email, you might be thinking that emails is something from the past. No way! We believe that it’s still needed to contact your prospects and clients with this means

So let’s dive into our best tips and strategies to grow, engage and retain your subscribers for the long term.

1.    Start with your inbound marketing strategy

2.    Manage and segment your list appropriately

3.    Create high performing and hyper targeted emails

4.    Optimize your emails to drive conversations and conversions

5.    Create email templates for your campaigns

Start with your inbound marketing strategy

To understand the inbound marketing methodology, you have to understand the difference between outbound and inbound first. When you write your email, you have to understand what your prospect current mindset is and find a way to make them happy with the product and services you are promoting.

In your mind you should always have three steps which are attraction, engagement and delight. It’s only once you understood the three elements of your targeted clients that you can start thinking about your inbound strategy.

Your software should be connected to your CRM database and you should make sure that your CRM has all the basic information to target your customers with specific information. You should make sure that you turn on mandatory fields to highlight missing fields and update them before you sent a personalized email.

Then you have to make a choice about the funeral of conversations and conversions. Are your clients reading blogs? Which media are there consuming? Might be using chatbots? It’s important that you find the right funeral and make sure that the conversation will engage seamlessly by your clients and prospects. Funnel is more important than the message itself!

And your strategy should reflect your goals. As Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do but why you do it.

Manage and segment your list appropriately

To create a segment, we suggest you think out loud of a buyer’s journey. This is by person or associated to a behavior. Of course, this behavior is the behavior that you want and may not be the behavior of your clients however it’s a right way to start to create a contextual message and test and try – this is pure A/B testing. Testing scenario until you find the best ideal message.

To create this list, you should collect the right information and using the CRM and the forms will help you to make sure that you collect information correctly. The data should be explicit and obviously compliance with email regulations called GDPR.

Client segment should have a life with leads, customers, subscribers, topics and perhaps also some elements such as Christmas or Chinese New Year, Hanukkah… We suggest you use TAGS for that segmentation too.

It’s important to make sure that you have a healthy database and make sure that your clients have an option to unsubscribe.

Create high performing and hyper-targeted emails

Defining powerful and high-performing email strategy is something easy. We suggest you set a goal with a “SMART” goal.

S for a specific

M for measurable

A for attainable

R for relevant

T for timely

This is the core of our solution to deliver the right financial information at the right time to the right investor. Sending the right email means also making sure you use the mustache or “added variable” inside your template email deliver hyper-targeted message.

This is what we call hyper targeted communication which means sending an information that will be slightly individualized to make sure that each consumer will believe that it was a 1 to 1 message.

Obviously, the conversation should be based on words, but you can also attach some documents and forms. As InvestGlass generates forms linked to the CRM database, you can therefore ask extremely specific question and even ask your contacts to update their own preferences with those questionnaires!

Optimize your emails to drive conversations and conversions

 Once you crafted the perfect email the objective is to increase the numbers of clicks. This is what we called the click to action or something I like to call also the compelling call to action. Here we have to make sure that we will limit to one click to encourage customers to click on the link and follow through one goal.

Create the right email templates for your campaigns

Then you will definitely create templates that can be saved and shared among your colleagues to promote a product and service but also for KYC remediation. You can define in the email template different types of business needs to create the perfect message and a frictionless experience for prospects and investors.

4 keys ideas for 2021 don’t try do it !

 So how to create an email that we trust? The first step is to make sure that those elements of emails educate your customers and investors.

Email should provide valuable downloads and resources and therefore help and educate your clients.

The call to action should be clear and you should only have one call to action in an email. And the email can be of various formats with the video, a picture or dress very basic text. You can customize form InvestGlass email templates function the “link name”.

 In 2021, you must make sure that you collect expressed consent. This is the key of the can-spam and GDPR regulations which is to make sure that you collected in one way or another and express permission to contact those people consent to be contacted via email. If someone asked you to stop email, then you should doing it – and send a breaking up email.

Sales script ideas ?

{{first name}} the first name and all information in brackets are directly promoted from your CRM.

Hi {{first name}},

My name is {{My Name}} and I head up business development efforts with {{My Company}}. We recently launched a service/platform that {{One Sentence Pitch}}

I read about you and based on your online profile, you appear to be an appropriate person to connect with…or might at least point me in the right direction.

 I’d like to speak with someone from {{Company}} who is responsible for {{handling something that’s relevant to my product}}

If that’s you, are you open to a ten-minute call on {{time and date}} to discuss ways the {{Company Name platform}} can specifically help your business? 

If not you, can you please put me in touch with the right person? I appreciate the help!

Kind regards,

{{My Name}}



One or two other steps are needed such as the template colors, the complex logos and the setup of your outbound email communication center. This takes no more than 10 minutes to do and will make your email feel like they are leaving from your own mailbox ! 

Analyze more and more

To analyze your email, you should have a look at how many emails were delivered, how many emails were missing, how many emails were open, how many emails were clicked, how many emails get converted which means someone achieved a goal by clicking on the button or fulfilling a transaction.

How to build your Return on Investment for email marketing?

First step you have to subscribe the money you invested in this campaign from the money you will make with an additional investor or sales. For example, CHF.10,000 is the money you made in additional sales CHF.1000 is the money you invested which equals to CHF.9000.

 Then divide the total money invested in your company so CHF.9000 divided by CHF.1000 equals nine and multiply this result by 100 here it will make 900%. The ROI is 900%.

Now you are ready ! Go and get them !

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5 Reasons Why Prospects Don’t Buy from You

This article will show you how to improve the purchasing decision. We will explain how a properly qualified process starts by qualifying the persona and address thoughtful questions.

Why Customers Are Not Buying because you don’t have a good sales pipeline

  1. You’re trying to sell to everyone.
  2. You’re not surfacing objections.
  3. You’re not creating urgency.
  4. You aren’t helping them feel safe.
  5. You aren’t selling value.

1. You’re trying to sell to everyone.

“I am not sure my company really needs your service and product.”

When you build your sales funnel, you will create a sales pipeline – cold lead, prospect, demo, opening, client, lost opportunity… The next step is to create tags. Tags represent a very important part of InvestGlass setup. Tags will help you segment your prospects and clients based on values, features, objections. Tags should be used to build a persona which represents potential customers and their buying decision patterns. You are not selling products, you’re selling solutions. No one wants to buy something particularly in those difficult times but they want to buy solutions for an easier life!

Prospects don’t buy tools, they buy solutions to solve their short term problem. Salespeople should have this in mind

  • A need otherwise don’t try to sell
  • A budget because money is king
  • A decisions maker who knows the business
  • A timeline X date because prospects don’t buy

The well-being of a salesperson is key. If they are in a good mindset is a good indication for prospects that your company is doing well.

You can also catch inbound prospects with digital forms and goodies to help prospect communicate with you. They might have a misunderstanding of previous version and a good video could refresh their mind.

2. You’re not surfacing objections or develop compelling business cases

“Actually, XXX is a big concern for us, so I think we’re going to go with ABC competitor.”

Once you actually know what your prospects once and you properly qualified his needs and current solution, you should ask for a mutual confirm understanding.

“If this didn’t go through, what would the reason be?”

“We’ve talked about why you like [product] — can we spend some time on what you don’t like?”

“We’ve discussed ‘pros.’ What’s on the ‘cons’ side of the list for you?”

It is not basic information, it is also psychological thoughtful questions. You have to understand concrete reasons why they are spending time today with you exchanging about their methodology. Some clients might ask for NDA before the call, some will not which could be a good indication that they are in pain with their current solution and have nothing to lose, nothing to hide.

3. You’re not creating urgency.

“Maybe next quarter.”

Ha ha ha, this is the best way to miss an opportunity a quick failing sales process. Sales conversations must be organized in a way that they understand the current solutions you provide will offer a competitive advantage to whoever will use it.

We are not talking about the whole solution we were talking about perhaps a little function, not even a feature, this little function will eventually be a completely compelling business case for your prospect.

You have to produce a Fear Of Missing Out FOMO – and each sales pipeline stages should have this FOMO argument.

  • “What happens if you don’t solve this problem by next quarter?”
  • “Describe the consequences of missing AMF, FCA, LSFIN goal.”
  • “How long has this been an issue? This digital onboarding Why are you focusing on it now?”

Sales teams should be slightly catastrophic. What happens if COVID never stop? This is the time to develop compelling business cases. In the sales process should have good arguments to understand buyer’s minds. During the sales process, the prospect need to understand that a missed opportunity could be dramatic for their business continuity.

4. You aren’t helping them feel safe.

“I’m not sure we are ready for this yet.”

You have to give five basic examples of how existing clients made it with your service. It’s a bit like giving a pro tip to friends. Your prospect needs to understand that implementation will be simple, they need to understand that their decision represents a real value and that with you they will be safe.

After discovering Faiz, after a demo and giving few examples, decision-makers will ask you for the price. Never give the price before you invited to give a price. This will definitely show them that you are driven by the sales and not making them feel safe.

Why do clients buy from you? Do they know your customers?

Most sales team rush into this process but in reality, this is where you have to be as slow as possible. When you achieved the sales process you are already in front of qualified prospects, you establish credibility, you’re in front of the decision-maker so take your time you are in status quo mode!

The company in front of you will ask for financial conditions like a refund or a trial. They might ask you for money back if you’re not sure of their decision. This is now the time to give five examples of success. If you don’t have examples of success or unknown numbers because you have a new fund, you can talk about top trends, you can talk about your previous experience, you can identify some competitor uses cases, and express how your solution makes a difference.

5. You aren’t selling value.

“This is not a priority for us at the moment.”

Frankly, buyers don’t care about the product or the service where they care about is how the future are going to make their work easier. Purchasing decisions are driven by curiosity at the beginning but very quickly they go down to the very dirty reality. Many prospects don’t really know when they knock at the door what you will be selling. They have a current supplier and they believe that the supplier can be replaced otherwise they will not be contacting you.

You have to build a sales approach which creates a sentiment of emergency and share value to decision-makers. Too many times salespeople are stuck because they don’t speak to decision-makers. Presenting to end-user is important but the company always has a decision-making process that salespeople have to respect. Using a new tool will definitely change the value pattern into a company so it is very important to present value first.

Sales professional can do it, it’s just a simple sales process

A good sales professional should start first by defining the sales pipeline with stages. Then sales reps should defined buying persona, the buying process, and the document needed to support the process. The buyer’s mind an objections have to be collected into the contact report. Sales professionals should know when to stop contacting prospects. If a prospects sales that they need more time, it might not mean no and the salesperson have to respect that. Close sales are the objective but each sales is your ambassador too. Sales is a service too!

You should have a list of current customers in a PDF or Word document that can be shared.

You should have a trial period or any test run and be clear on the refund, full refunds conditions.

Sales reps should no risk involved in purchasing competitive solutions and understand the contracts you will set up.

When prospecting, sales reps start with prospects carefully targeted and check the internal reputation of decision-makers. Identify areas of expertise of decisions makers – if it’s a geek speak geek if it’s people management-speak politics…

Sales reps should answer previous point and objections and not following their own sales process.

Follow up should be monitored – no more guessing – no more paper – track it with your CRM.

Develop compelling business cases to facilitate buying decisions and show how to reduce risks involved with purchase protection terms etc…

You see it’s not that easy but it’s not the end of the world to create a sales process that will establish credibility, build internal reputation into your buyer’s mindset and reveal the real value of your solution. We hope this will inspire you! Now it’s your turn to help salespeople turn prospects into customers.

CRM, sales automation

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Can a CRM replace marketing automation software?

Can a CRM replace marketing automation software?

What is marketing automation software? A marketing automation software is a solution designed for marketers. Such a platform is supposed to enhance lead nurturing, improve marketing efficiency, and analyze campaigns. Nowadays, more and more Customer Relationship ManagementCRM – software is competing with marketing automation software as stepping on their functionalities and, thus, clients. Yet, these two tools are diverging in their goal. CRMs aim at managing teams and clients when marketing automation aims solely at improving the relevancy and conversion rate of marketing campaigns. CRMs have only basic marketing automation.

We have seen amazing email marketing tools but most of them lack of sales funeral experience. B2B marketing and inbound marketing must be recorded into a CRM. Customer satisfaction as well as case studies should be recorded properly.

Marketing automation platform combines the tools of email marketing automation, lead nurturing and sales pipelines, analytics and reporting, and digital advertising. 

Automation marketing and important tools

The range of tools that a marketing automation software can possess is vast and varies. Yet, some basic features are common and needed in order to develop a successful marketing platform. These features represent multiple channels to reach your prospects.

three crumpled yellow papers on green surface surrounded by yellow lined papers

Email marketing automation

One of the tools used by the sales team to contact prospects and develop leads is cold emails. Emails represent a marketing strategy that sees sales send personalized and timed emails on the prospects’ mailing addresses. These emails are then automatically recorded and a workflow is followed. For example, if the email does not receive any answer, a follow-up email is sent X days after the first one and so forth.

Email marketing automation is important as it automates the process of sending emails, following up, and marketing. Indeed, the sales team might need to send emails on the launch of a new product, for review on existing products, for surveys, and for many other reasons. Creating email campaigns remove the hassle of writing, copying, pasting, and sending hundreds/thousands of emails. Email automation is therefore a key marketing automation tool.

Need any more reasons to implement basic email marketing?

  • Target niche market segments
  • Convert more leads
  • Engage customers and prospects
  • Increase efficiency

These are small but key advantages of email campaigns.

Once you start mass mailing for sales reasons or to contact clients, you may need to use a scheduler. Although still rare, schedulers are useful to decide to time of the day and days on which you want your email campaign to be active and contact leads.

How do email marketing automation works?

The best email marketing automation includes custom variables, icebreakers, and the possibility to include specific graphs or pictures to resemble a “real” email. An email will be sent once the desired behavior is met by the prospect. Within the email, besides custom variables, you can attach forms or files which the receiver can fill. Finally, the most efficient email marketing automation software, such as LemList, possesses mobile optimization and A/B testing.

person holding lens

Lead nurturing

From lead to client, the management of the customer journey is a vital focus of marketing software. Therefore, a core focal point of marketing automation is lead generation and management. Lead capture can be done via email, website forms, or even lead generation software. Once a lead is captured, it enters your sale pipeline until recognized as not interested or as a client.

Nurturing leads – as well as clients – is important as it provides a view of your product and service to the prospect. In order to efficiently nurture leads, sales teams need to gather a lot of customer data. In order to set up a campaign, you need to decide upon:

  • The campaign type. You may want to generate and contact leads, reconnect with past leads, inform clients upon new products, etc. An example of a campaign may be drip campaigns which aim at informing your prospect about your company and brand through series of triggers and actions.
  • The campaign content. Your content will depend on the campaign you are choosing as you will want to target your audience precisely with their interests and needs.
  • The campaign complexity. From basic to complex, the workflow and logic behind your campaign must be clear from the start.
  • The campaign audience. Segment efficiently your target audience and nurture all segments with tailored campaigns.

Finally, you can automate repetitive tasks and lead management via the utilization of pipelines or sales cycles. This feature will enable, usually, the drag and drop option which allows a clear and simple recording of leads in their correct sales cycle stage. Lead scoring is used to calculate the value and probability of lead generation revenue.

Analytics and reporting

Once you launch your marketing automation, one prerequisite is to be able to analyze your campaigns via straightforward reports and intuitive graphics. This view resonates with one of the 2021 wealth management trends: gamification of reports. These analytics and reports must include an analysis of response rate and conversion rate. For example, for an email campaign, the number of sent, opened, and answered are a must-have for any marketing automation software.

Reporting enables the possibility of generating reports and in-depth analysis of where your campaign is performing and where it is lacking personalization. These metrics are key to developing your campaign, improving, and engaging customers. Our tools have been developed to facilitate banks and financial institutions to engage with people are targeted offerings.

Our solution will measure marketing ROI, lifetime value, new customers’ cost of acquisition. The objective is clear, workflow automation should improve your team process. That solution should help you to grow your business and not hire more people! Reporting will present in Bonn marketing automation effectiveness and encourage marketing teams to be more creative.

Digital advertising

Digital advertising represents the ability to deliver advertising content to prospects and clients via multi-channel communication, including social media, text messages, emails, client portals, or even phone calls. Therefore, as with most marketing automation tools, digital advertising thrives on data. Digital advertising regroups:

  • Search engine marketing. Most popular search engines regroup Google or Bing. These companies thrive on paid ads. Companies, in order to be showcased first when a certain keyword is typed, are ready to compete for their ads place. Obviously, the price depends on the keyword and the attractiveness of it.
  • Display marketing. This type of marketing is inherent to almost any company, ranging from Youtube to Sports events. 
  • Social Media Ads. This type of marketing is appreciated by marketers. Social media marketing includes LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and so forth.

InvestGlass as a marketing automation tool

InvestGlass is a Swiss CRM based in Geneva which newly developed marketing automation solutions. This development was needed to tend towards an inclusive CRM and Marketing automation software. The combination of both focuses may well be a market changer.

Customize your marketing and sales management with a CRM that combines an all-in-one client management software with lead tracking and marketing automation solutions. Although the platform includes an email marketing campaign planner and other marketing and sales management automation tools, some development is still waiting on the digital advertising focus; yet, this is clearly on the road map.

Start your free trial today! Go and get them all!

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Young Bankers – We Don’t Have Time for That!

5 reasons young bankers don’t have time for that

As a young banker, it can be difficult to keep up with all the demands of our job. We have so many clients and meetings that we barely find time for ourselves. With everything going on in our lives, how are we supposed to take care of our personal needs? Well, I am here to tell you that there is no need for you to go at it alone! There are plenty of ways that you can make time for yourself and still be successful as an investment banker. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 strategies that are perfect for those who don’t have any extra time left over after work hours. This is the perfect way to stay in a traditional bank with the neobank growth!

You have been stuck home for several weeks or even few months… sometimes with beautiful kids… The volatility is spreading like a virus and investors are moving to new institutions and virtual practices too. How to get them all? Why not trying InvestGlass CRM tricks?

1. No time to call?

You can easily send personal emails from InvestGlass but make sure you are asking the right question and use a CTA. CTA means “Call to Action.”

It is important you keep your clients engaged and happy, so it’s best if they are the ones that initiate contact with you rather than vice versa. You can use InvestGlass as a CRM tool for this purpose.

In each email, you must use a call to action or CTA to receive a prompt decision in reply. Good CTA will increase your open rate too. Here are three common mistakes:

  1. You don’t have CTA in your email.
  2. You have too many different CTAs
  3. Your CTA is asking too much or it is too fuzzy

Why not a simple – “Does next Wednesday at 10 am or Thursday at 2 pm work for a 15-minute call?” and if you wish to offer more modularity, we suggest you try an amazing app Save 10 minutes each time.

silver laptop on brown wooden table

Calendly is automatically connected to your Gotomeeting and Zoom accounts – which means that conference rooms # are automatically generated and linked to your InvestGlass calendar. Save 3 minutes each time! Once the meeting is finished, send a follow-up email with the attachment (portfolio rebalancing, structured product offer, private equity cashflow projections) – email + a contact report with a tracking number. Save another 2 minutes.

2. No time to write?

We heartedly suggest you try a fantastic solution widget to automate email sequences as you see below. This trick is perfect to write fast and smart investment rationales and of course individualised for each investor. Save 2 minutes each time. You could also try the latest artificial intelligence tools such as or

3. No time to track senior bankers’ job?

You know the famous: Do it, delegate it, drop it? Well, let’s DO IT and make this work! You have too many things to do and you don’t remember what are your clients’ priorities? We suggest you use InvestGlass task feature.  Here you can set a reminder to yourself or your colleagues and track priorities in InvestGlass group calendar.

To track investment ideas, a fantastic trick is to add a watermark. Simply trigger the watermark feature and this will print the pseudo, name or number account on each PDF. Save 3 minutes each time.

Now you are ready for the re-open.

4.Mental health of junior investment bankers

The most important is to have physical health and active social life. With the COVID-19 situation, it is very difficult for active investment bankers to party in nightclubs or exchange business cards in charities. Personal relationships however will remain and bank associates will spend more time talking with clients long hours over the phone.

Junior bankers with COVID have to protect their mental health. We keep saying that you should stand up at least once every hour and drink a lot of water. Well-being is key for junior bankers working from home. Banks will return in normal activity in the coming month and junior bankers will return in their office to bury themselves in grueling hours under the scrutiny of a managing director.

Or not? Work life balance will change post COVID19 maybe not for everyone but we know that investment banking institution like Goldman Sachs is changing their approach with young people. Not everyone in Wall Street will have to keep working until Sunday night.

person running

5.Reinventing investment banking

Investment banking is seeing its historical profit centers eroded by old technology. Banks are starting to develop new areas of business, such as online lending. They will have time for that! You might think : should i start my own bank?

Reinventing State Capitalism analyzes the rise of new species of state capitalism that are now prevalent in China, India, Brazil and other emerging markets.

In The Price of Inequality: How Today’s Divided Society Endangers Our Future by Joseph E. Stiglitz is one of the best books on inequality out there. In this book Joe argues how our economic system helps create a society with huge wealth and a junior banker cares about the new ESG topics. ESG means “Environmental, Social and Governance”.

Another topic is the Impact of Blockchain on Investment Banking. Here we discuss how blockchain will change the way banks operate, from a technology perspective. NFT and new blockchain technology will be huge.

If you are junior investment bankers call us and will share the best fintech practice for a successful career!

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The Best Ways to Rebuild Trust in Your Business

How to rebuild trust?

When you lose someone’s trust, it is extremely difficult to gain his trust back. You might find yourself constantly challenged between regrets and overconfidence.

Obviously, repair trust depends on why and how this trust has been damaged. It is obviously courageous to take the first step and call again your prospects, clients, and your relationship to find a win-win solution.

Repairing interests is like a reset. Repairing interests is not a written path and will not bring back the way things were.

two men facing each other while shake hands and smiling

To repair this trust it is important to disconnect the problems and you must find the underlying cause of this rupture. Once you successfully found the reason for the lack of recognition and respect, then ask questions :

Do you value my contributions?

Obviously, the way you present your products the way you present your financial solution might not be perceived by your prospect or climb the same way.

Do you need my team services?

People might be afraid of the costs of asking you how much. People might be afraid of the costs of asking how you produced this investment decision.

Do you even care about my contributions? 

Perhaps you successfully delivered your service, but your client doesn’t understand what the actual effort is to produce this service. Connecting with a client means changing the story and creating a new narrative, creating a new relationship. With this social distancing…. with these complexities of contacting and people working from home, your clients will care about your phone calls.

Call more, ask more questions, listen to his empathy and reconnect.

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A Guide to What Your Employee Portal Should Include words

An employee portal is the backbone of a company’s HR department. It can help streamline your workflows, create efficiencies, and provide resources to employees. However, it’s important not to overlook the basics. The following are five things that an employee portal should include:

1) A help desk for quick questions on policies and procedures

Create new documents and forms as needed without going through multiple processes.

Publish relevant employee-facing communications to the portal for all staff to access.

Make your help desk available 24/hours a day, 365 days a year via live chat or phone call with employees who need assistance

Benefits and Leave: The portal should also include employee benefits and leave information, so employees can see their options available to them as they navigate what type of coverage works best for them. This includes the following topics: health insurance, retirement plans, tuition assistance programs, vacation/sick time availability per year or

2) Leave tracking with approval workflow

After the login page, your staff should find easy access to a calendar including all the dates they can take off. The current date should be highlighted and clicking on any other day will show a pop-up window with all their leave days for that particular month, including scheduled vacation time or sick time.

The employee portal should also include an approval workflow to track approvals through your help desk system so you can better manage approvals by individual staff or groups of employees. When an employee requests more than three consecutive days off in advance, this would trigger an automatic notification prompt from HR to give permission for the request; if it is denied then additional actions may need to occur before approving such as gathering information about why they are unavailable (i.e., doctor’s note).

As InvestGlass is dealing with financial intermédiaires we built a travel request widget which freezes all contact that you will not visit during the travel.

people seated on table in room

3) Expense reporting forms so you know what kind of money is being spent at corporate events (or at least where it all went!)

A direct link to invoice generation will facilitate the process of generating an expense report. All expenses and invoices can be uploaded into the system, and all employees will have access to this information.

Build your own expense reporting forms so you know what kind of money is being spent at corporate events (or at least where it all went!

If there are any issues with reports or invoices then send them through a help desk request which would automatically trigger an email notification from HR; if further action needs to occur before approving such as gathering more information about why they may not be available for approved leave requests then these actions need to happen first. Employees should

4) An organizational chart so everyone knows who reports to whom

Schedule and shift management should be visible per group and posts should be filed by date.

This will help with scheduling employees for projects and making sure everyone is on the same page about who their supervisors are, so they know where to go if anything happens that needs further assistance or clarification.

The way in which posts should be scheduled also make it easier for managers to see what time off an employee has taken and when they’re available again.

An organizational chart makes it easy for HR staff to locate all of this information at a glance- whether you have one person in charge of your company’s social media accounts or five people working different shifts, everything can still be found easily without needing any additional help from other departments such as IT in order to retrieve them due to confusion over how things work around here.

5) Internal messaging system for instant communication

All communications can be shared via a chat communication tool.

This can help to build relationships with those who might not have the time to handle email on a regular basis.

The chat system also eliminates any need for phone calls- which are often more inconvenient than chats since they take up so much of someone’s precious time and there is no guarantee that whoever you’re communicating with will be available at the moment either.

Those who prefer speaking rather than typing can use voice or video calling to get their point across instead, making it even easier for everyone involved.

InvestGlass Live Customer Chat

Internal messaging systems are great if you want your employees working remotely- whether in another state or country entirely- as well because these communications happen via an instant messenger app like Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack, Qwil etc.

A task can be distributed through a simple InvestGlass tool.

Many of these tools are free, and some can be customized to the needs of your company- whether you want a help desk or simply need forms for people to fill out.

InvestGlass has been specifically designed with ease-of-use in mind so that it’s quick and easy for employees to navigate through the portal themselves without needing any help from IT staff over at InvestGlass HQ.

What should an employee portal have? There is no one answer as each business’ needs vary on what their workforce might require, but there are plenty of helpful features available in many modern portals now that make communicating remotely easier than ever before. Internal messaging systems like Skype allow remote employees working anywhere within the world to easily communicate with others who work

What is the next employee portal for 2021?

With the InvestGlass portal, you can easily be tuned with your corporate colors and select widgets you need for the registration process, user name management, payslip, holidays management, your company news, managing careers options, regrouping questions into a frequently asked questions.

Your portal represents your company spirit! It’s the family!

Get started today with your InvestGlass free trial.

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What do Fintech Consultants do?

The consultant should be the evangelist for your fintech. They are responsible for educating, understanding, and collaborating with you to ensure that the solution is something that matches what you need as a client’s organization or company. Consultants have deep knowledge of technology and markets; they know how to read trends in the FinTech landscape. And this reading helps them derive insights about possible solutions and identify opportunities on behalf of clients

Which firms are financial services specialists?

  • Accenture.
  • The Boston Consulting Group.
  • Capgemini.
  • Deloitte.
  • EY.
  • KPMG
  • AlphaFMC.
  • Chappuis Halder.
  • Aliancy.
  • McKinsey.

Which type of financial consultant should you pick?

And you? We would be glad to discuss with you if you are not in this list. We worked already with some of you here and had experience truly different build phase thanks to your intervention as a “intermediary” partner. Investglass aims to connect the best FinT tech companies together we are working hand-in-hand with FinT tech consultants and business strategy specialists. Building a modern bank or wealth management is a true challenge and we believe that only builders should be listened. Fintech consultants collect unique expertise by asking the right question at the right time.

You will find consultant specialists for payments, capital markets, trading, wealth management and each financial consultant come with their innovation guidelines. Following experts should be done carefully as challenges will vary as well as fintechs solutions.

We strongly suggest your company to know before you start with consultants which innovation you wish for your company. Technology jump can offend your staff and you should make sure that investment will worth it! Financial consultants will answer your questions and drive the future of your firm with most innovative fintech.

What skills do you need to become a fintech consultant?

Well, when we see our favorite consultants… 🙂 Daniel, Joe, Paul, Nicolas, Olivier, Benjamin…. well… passion… they breath fintech companies’ spirit and understand their development standard. They are perfect mediators to create growth and often know when to remove the marketing hype to make sure that your firm will find answers through request for information or request for proposals.

AH! RFI and RFP… a poem. 200-400 questions asked to fintech companies to assess their capabilities to answer your firm requirements.

A good consultant is a hard-working professional, with strong analytical skills and of course a perfect understanding of banking and investment regulations. A great fintech consultant is a team player and knows who to negotiate with clients and fintech companies. Their expertise is then needed for the build phase which is the connection between your existing software, habits and the new fintech company solution. Challenges can start again here as fintech need some space into your bank… and yes innovative schemes can provoke client rejection.

Are financial consultants part of the Fintech CRM revolution?

InvestGlass is the most consultant-friendly CRM. Are you ready to join us?

We know that you work hard to build your business and we want to help you grow it even faster. That’s why we built a CRM that was made for consultants like you. With our intuitive interface, you can easily manage all of your clients in one place without having to switch between systems or spend hours on data entry. You’ll be able to focus more on what matters – building relationships with your customers and making them happy!

We also offer a free trial so that you can try out the product before signing up for an account.

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