Exchange your money quickly and securely. B-Sharpe is a currency exchange transactions platform that prevents your money via favorable exchange rates.

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Contact person : Jean-Marc Sabet

Pont-Rouge, Esplanade 2
1212 Grand-Lancy

Website : https://www.b-sharpe.com
Email : info@b-sharpe.com
Phone Number: +41 22 311 11 82

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Currency exchange platform

B-Sharpe, as a currency exchange platform, simplifies your currency transactions and saves you time and money.

Simplify your currency exchange transactions

  • Transparency

You have total visibility on both the rate on offer and any potential additional charges.

  • Rapidity

Exchange is processed immediately upon receipt of your funds and reaches your accounts the same day or the next working day.

  • Simplicity

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Globalization, even if slowed by the pandemic, has been one of the main trends impacting cross-border trade. Increasing exchanges have exacerbated the influence of exchange rates. Connecting B-Sharpe with your InvestGlass platform enables quick and secure access to a currency exchange platform that protects your interests with specific exchange rates.

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