Quo from Trading Screen enables Portfolios Management, Pre-Trade checks and Trade in real-time from your positions.
Trade all markets with your brokers & banks via our easy to use web platform.

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Contact person: Ludovico Niccolini

Stockerstrasse 43
8002 Zurich

Website : https://quo.am
Email : sales@tsquo.com

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Designed for Private Banks, Brokers and their professional clients. A powerful SaaS web-based platform with a proprietary network comprising of over 300 Brokers and Banks.

  • QUO Portfolio: Aggregate & manage investments across all your Banks.
  • QUO Trade: Trade 15 Million securities across all asset classes globally.
  • QUO Risk: Automate pre-trade compliance and risk rules.
  • QUO Data: Referential data covering over 15 million securities.
  • QUO API: Connect to external systems, consume data, and submit orders.

A holistic view of all your positions and exposures with intraday gains or losses. Access all Listed and OTC assets without having to purchase external data. Seamlessly connect to your existing systems.

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