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Established in Geneva, Switzerland since 2015, and strong of a team of six, Siega SA is one of the country’s leading fund advisors and distributors. Siega SA is authorized and regulated in the Swiss regulator FINMA. Siega and CB Institutionnel is a quite unique alliance in Swiss fund industry. They are blending macroeconomic and bottom up research to create genuine added value for institutional investors.

Edouard Crestin-Billet generates models composed with perfect blends of indexes, ETF and funds. Edouard is carefully building “allocation models”. CB Institutionnel then delegates to Siega the analysis and Investment fund selection.

Siega’s expertise in the funds allows them to find and select the most suitable funds. Analyzing and choosing funds gives independence and makes it possible to offer a true open architecture without conflict of interest with home-grown funds.

CB Institutionnel was looking for a cloud-based investor portal to illustrate model portfolio risks and facilitate rebalancing for their customers. Siega was also looking to enhance front-oce productivity while limiting the sales team. They were looking for a specialized CRM and a way to collect investors’ goals and risk expectations.

Why InvestGlass?

The Swiss Quality and Autonation

InvestGlass offers a turn-key solution to build a “robo-advisor”. Siega clients build their onboarding forms to acquire their prospects’ investment preferences. Answers are stored into a professional-grade client relationship management cloud.

CB Institutionnel oversights of all investment distribution to ensure that all regulatory and operational standards are adhered to in the best interest of investors. Siega selects from institutional managers different risk bands and inject models into the InvestGlass rebalancing platform. In one click, portfolios are rebalanced and a master trade blotter generated for trading.

After execution and settlement, investors receive access to their “branded investor portal”. The digital solution is modular and offers portfolio information such as appropriateness, performance and news of their underlying investments.

InvestGlass is perfectly suited for independent wealth managers looking to externalize their investment decisions while keeping track of allocation quality.

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