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Here are some creative ways to use Scorechain with InvestGlass:


Provide trust for crypto markets

Provide trust for crypto markets


Connect InvestGlass to Scorechain to identity, assess, mitigate and monitor Money laundering (ML) or terrorist financing (TF) risk exposures.


With Scorechain crypto compliance solution, you can check easily cryptocurrencies portfolio origin and rely on Risk scoring to assess the ML/TF risk associated with crypto wallets and transactions. The solution deanonymizes the Blockchain data and connect with sanction lists to provide risk scoring for around  60,000+ named entities.


Scorechain Risk indicators can help you redflag suspicious activity at the level of entities/addresses/transactions.


Scorechain Entity Directory provides comprehensive database of 700+ VASP to assess the credibility of counterparts, assess and edit Risk-AML Scoring for extra due diligence. It helps you screen VASPs with detailed information on KYC, AML, and risk exposure for a better risk-based approach implementation.


You can use Scorechain KYA (Know-your-address) and KYT (Know-your-transaction) reports to file suspicious activity reports (SAR) / suspicious activity report (STR). The Alert system allows you to monitor wallets’ activities in real-time.


Last but not least, you can conduct further Risk-AML investigation with Scorechain Case Manager, a vital enhanced compliance feature for a seamless process in regards to risk-AML investigation and suspicious activity & transaction reporting.

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