Polixis is a best-in-class RegTech and advisory firm that offers a bespoke blend of human expertise with machine intelligence and big data.

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Contact person : Polixis Sales Team

1-3 rue de Chantepoulet,
1201 Geneva, Switzerland

Website : https://polixis.com/
Email : team@polixis.com
Phone Number: +41764686390
Office Number: +41 22 340 22 00

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Check your data against next generation AML, Sanction and KYC software designed for Compliance Practitioners

ARDIS stands for Applied Risk & Data Intelligence Solution. It is designed for conducting complex AML, sanctions, and KYC research. It is a perfect solution for both Front Office and Compliance teams. ARDIS contains terabytes of multilingual, cross-jurisdictional, interlinked compliance and economic data, empowering any user with speedy access to data in a wide range of languages.

ARDIS provides faster, high-quality client on-boarding and Due Diligence, KYC and PEP reviews; Source of Wealth Corroboration, Forensic Research, PEP, Sanctions & Adverse media screening.

ARDIS has already been adopted by many Swiss, European, and international banking groups as their high-end customer on-boarding, review and monitoring solution.

Once one makes a search for the desired person’s or entity name in the search field in ARDIS, the software generates multiple results that match the search criteria. Thanks to unprecedented data automation and mapping, one can easily identify the right subject or entity and cross-check data against information provided by the prospect or client.

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