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Investment Navigator is a cross border compliance expert. They enhance the investment & advisory value chain from research to distribution with suitability assessments; solving the cross-border distribution, product, and tax suitability issues of financial service providers.

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Contact person : Caner Goezler

Staffelstrasse 12
Postfach, CH-8045 Zürich

Website :
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Phone Number: +41 44 286 90 00

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Cross Border Suitability

Due to the increasing globalization our society is facing, cross-border trade and exchange, in general, have become key components of our economies. Yet, regulations, taxes, and requirements differ from one country to another, enhancing the need to assess laws carefully. Investment Navigator does all of this automatically with experts analyzing the regulations and tax laws continuously. Therefore, adding Invest Navigator to your InvestGlass portal allows you to gain insights into which security is suitable for which clients without risking any cross-border regulation issues.

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