Digital technology solutions that are built to drive your business forward. Connective digitalizes your transactions and your customer journey from onboarding to KYC and contract management.
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Here are some creative ways to use Connective with InvestGlass:

Digital Identification

With Connective’s Identity Hub, easily verify who’s on the other side of the deal.

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Identification: It’s all about trust.

  • Securely identify
  • Easy worldwide onboarding
  • Supporting any eID, USB token or smartcard worldwide to identify and sign.
  • Website authentication

The trend of digital transformation and the pandemic have disrupted the identification processes. Digitalize your identification process in confidence with Connective. Using Connective in collaboration with the InvestGlass portal enables user-friendly identity checks of any clients during onboarding or regular KYC checks.

Document Generation

With Connective’s Smart Documents, design, manage and personalize all your business documents in one central platform.

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A flexible, efficient and cost-effective all-in-one solution.

  • Drastically reduce templates
  • Data integration from your favorite CRM, ERP, Online forms,…
  • Fully automatic document generation
  • Brand it to perfection

Integrate Connective and InvestGlass solutions to master saving time generating documents. Create dynamic templates and connect data from your InvestGlass platform to produce smart documents, which can be signed, printed, and saved within your CRM.


Electronic Signatures

With Connective’s eSignatures, avoid losing time and using paper.

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Offer your customers a user-friendly way for digitally signing all types of documents. Compliant with all rules and regulations (eIDAS, UETA, eSIGN).

  • Worldwide accepted signing methods
  • Stand-alone or integrated
  • Brand it as your own
  • Pick your favorite device to conclude the signature

The increasing demand for online and e-signatures has raised concern about the reliability and compliance of such signature. Connective will provide a safe way to e-sign your documents. Therefore, its addition to your InvestGlass portal will allow you a way of requesting e-signatures promising reliability and risk compliance.

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