Apiax provides financial institutions with fast and dependable answers to complex regulatory questions. Our cross-border solution offers everything you need to comply in multi-country scenarios and serve clients in 160+ jurisdictions.

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Contact person: Dominik Bütikofer      

Limmatquai 122
8001 Zurich

Phone : +41 44 500 84 80
Website : https://www.apiax.com/
Email : sales@apiax.com

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Cross-border Compliance App

Apiax makes it radically simple for companies to comply with cross-border regulations within InvestGlass.

Financial markets are getting increasingly more regulated and understanding the country-specific do’s and dont’s is crucial for keeping compliant with laws and regulations. Apiax provides a digitised repository of country-specific rules from legal opinion providers like EY or KPMG. Our Cross-border App empowers client-facing stakeholders to address queries faster, in a reliable way, and simultaneously minimise the compliance risks.

Apiax’ Cross-border App can be easily accessed within InvestGlass’ interface to check cross-border activities in no time.

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