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Order Management

Build your
Order Web Form

Streamline it to provide the very best experiences

Use pre-built trading templates or build your own templates.

Templates can be hosted into your website, InvestGlass portal or simply shared via InvestGlass API into any format.

Orders feeds are transmitted to staging zone, FIX partners, other OMS before market execution.

  • Web forms
  • Digital signature
  • Robot advisory tools
  • Logic jump

From selecting
to dealing

Private & retail banking - Private Equity

Supports main market identifiers such as Bloomberg Codes, Exchange Tickers, Valor, ISIN codes, Cusips or security description.

Filter with private market place - buy list.

Results are classified by asset type (e.g. Equities, Futures, Options, Bonds, etc), exchanges (e.g. NYSE, SIX, Eurex) and currency.

  • Customisable Marketplace
  • Buy list
  • Complex transactions
  • Process trading automation

Pre Trade

Access bank and brokerage algo and store trade with MIFID II specific rules.

Digital contract and signature

Turn your CRM data into digital contract you can export in PDF, share on client web portal and collect single or multiple signature.

Easy Import

Generate single account trade or multiple accounts bulk trades. Import trading ledger in CSV or XLS format.

Compliance – Order and Position Limits

Set suitability and appropriateness rules for trading limits : 
% of ADV, daily order values and limits on positions
% of NAV,  
% of available cash, 
UCITS V rules, and more. Configure soft Limits, which warns the user through a soft pop up and hard limit that blocks the order. Set audit 4 eyes and compliance or admin approval process.

Client Portal

Build your own trading experience with a fully customisable engagement portal. InvestGlass open API and engagement portal is perfect to build Neo-bank and EAM network. Connect your portal with news, trading masks and customer service chat such as Intercom, Zendesk or Symphony Chat.

Audit Trail

Store data with a 10-year trade repository. Access order and execution reports with trading OMS and time stamp. Filter any trade and enforce specific report such as MIFIDII. Reports are exportable in csv, Json and Pdf formats.

Save time

Import all existing transactions into InvestGlass and connect InvestGlass API to your trading and accounting tools.