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Excelling at CRM is no longer an option but a necessity. InvestGlass digitizes your onboarding and KYC processes, generates more leads, and transforms the way you sell.
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Customer relationships and customer expectations

The long-lasting changes within the retail banking industry can be extrapolated by the following trends:

  • Clients want real-time information
  • Customers retention and loyalty are key in a mature market
  • Customizability and tackling individual needs via personalized customer journey
  • Productivity enhancement

These trends have made the use of CRM mandatory for relationship managers. The uncertainty the industry is facing nowadays, mainly due to the pandemic, accelerated digital transformation, and the shift in customer journeys. The main challenges for retail banks in 2021 are to integrate efficient team management and place banking CRM at the core of their digital transformation journey. This includes secured prospect and client onboarding, verification processes, sales processes, and hopefully customer satisfaction. Marketing can be pursued via multiple channels in order for bankers to tailor the experience to their customers.


CRM for retail banking

InvestGlass deals with the challenges latent in the retail banking industry with a well-rounded banking CRM, including customer onboarding, coupled with higher leads and prospect conversion rates. At the same time, our customizable client portal enhances client retention and instantly delivers real-time information, and gathers instant insights. Your clients are at the center of our solution, but so is your team. Dispatch your team efficiently with our task and pipeline systems. This pipeline allows an overview of the retail banking operations and the stage of the client lifecycle. Partners integration enhances your platform and completes the offering.

Our team and platform focus on tackling digitalization with forms and templates which are tailored for the retail banking industry. Digitalize your documents with ease. InvestGlass complete set of tools and features are complemented with an efficient contact center and a helpdesk that works as self-service.


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