InvestGlass Partner Program

Earn commission on every new paying customer you send to InvestGlass.

About InvestGlass Value

InvestGlass is #1 Swiss cloud solution with 80 reusable templates to save time in building banking and insurance approval process removing repetitive tasks and clerical errors to supercharge your productivity.

No need to remove the good for the great just connect your legacy applications to InvestGlass with our state of the art API.

Eliminate programers, we have done the « mum » test and she can do it too. If she can do it, you can too. InvestGlass simplifies testing and deployment with minimum resource.

One platform, every channel

InvestGlass is the complete Swiss army knife for sales team. The platform includes digital onboarding tool, CRM, PMS and approval process-automation solutions.

Our platform is simple enough for any business owner to use yet powerful enough to grow a large company’s sales.

We are currently trusted by over 1’000 users and 60 companies for their sales operations and digital transformation.

Webinars and Friday Get Together

InvestGlass organizes one to two webinars per week and invites partners to share their opinions on subjects connected to their fields. We also convey a Friday morning “Get Together” in which partners have the chance to connect and get to know each other.

Comission and fees

InvestGlass believes in win-win agreements in which two-contracts deals are the core. Yet, commission-based and introducer agreements can sometimes be the right fit for a partnership.

Choose the partnership agreement that fits your needs!

Integration Partner

InvestGlass is searching for Integration partners to enhance our CRM possibilities. Develop your customer base in a win-win agreement!

Resale Partner

Base on introducer agreements, resale partners are responsible to provide each other solutions to interested third parties as well as introduce each other product.

Marketing Partner

Are you interested in social discussions and get together. Become a marketing partner and enhance your fintech network by attending our events.

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