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Redefine your Sales - Spend more time selling

Forget about ‘humans versus machines’

Artificial intelligence - AI is about ‘humans augmented by machines’. Today, by changing how your sales and banks work at a fundamental level, and incorporating AI along the whole spectrum of a new value chain, human capital can be redeployed into higher-value areas.

Personalization at Scale

Connect your data into InvestGlass AI to discover latest trends. InvestGlass is an open eco-system so you can add your own data and app too.

  • Surface key opportunity insights including customer sentiment

  • Get recommended actions

  • Automated sollicitions in the format of PDF, tags and personalised emails.

  • Reduce administrative and compliance time

Focus on KPI -  Tintenly connects your databases

After aligning stakeholders’ key performance indicators, data is pulled into InvestGlass Tintenly powerhouse. InvestGlass experts can help you find the right AI learning approach or you can program it and query InvestGlass API. Data points are call reports, portfolio positions and transactions, marketing content, KYC. More data connected to InvestGlass API means more options with predictions, and better quality data means better-quality predictions.

1 human for 1000

It's about sending the right information at the right time.

Artificial intelligence enables financial services companies to completely redefine how they work, how they create innovative products and services, and how they transform customer experiences. 

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