Want to Close More Deals? This is the #1 Question You Need to Ask Happy Friday! Fintech is eating the World!

Why test virtual close is possible and what is the most important question: What will it take for you to become a customer?

Why? Because if you have a 48-step approval process and budget is EUR 150 per month… is it really worth your time? What will it take to become a customer? We suggest you to sketch it with tools like LucidChart, Keynotes or Google Flowchat.  

Once this is ready you can use InvestGlass API, forms, approval process and digital forms to make these steps down to a minimum, improving your sales onboarding! 

Then ask the prospect 20 more follow-up questions, until they finally say the magic words: “Yes, that’s when we’d purchase your fund, or service.”
Yes! Automation Power Is Yours! 
This Week Includes…

📲 Client portal communication tool
🔍 Portfolio – Product risk classification on portfolio – average PRC
📯 Widget – Chargebee – perfect for subscription plans
🛠 Forms – include multiple roles in childs
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