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Ease multi-tasking. InvestGlass provides the means to automate, contact relevant prospects, keep track of clients’ preferences, and generate reports.
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The Media and Entertainment  industry is more than any other industry dependent on matching customer expectations. The current social crisis is raising doubt but also opportunities in tailoring your product or service closer towards your customer needs. Indeed, the industry is defined by a major trend of digital transformation and the pressure of up- and cross-selling.

The current health and social crisis have augmented the importance of digital transformation and efficient time and team management. The industry is thus, more than ever, relying on multitasking and its efficiency.


InvestGlass’s offering ranges from a complete CRM solution to a customizable client portal. This range of offers provides all the necessary features to efficiently manage clients and team within the communication industry. We provide the means to tailor your service to your customers via surveys and forms. Additionally, the platform provides instant sharing opportunities and tagging preferences to group your customers depending on their opinions and interests.

Our all-in-one solution is complemented by automation opportunities and monitoring capabilities. Automate your sales and follow up processes and assess your team performance using our user-friendly and no-code interface. The InvestGlass platform maximizes your sales potential via digitalization of the onboarding processes and documents.

InvestGlass “build” mindset

  • Minimum to 0 Request for Proposal
  • No-code CRM
  • Reuse 20 templates then adapt them to your business specificities
  • Ease of implementation with our success coach and pre-built templates
  • Build payment with phases
  • Cut cost by deploying and testing with minimum staff
  • Assign scores and preferences to prospects and clients

The platform simplifies and automates your processes in order to ease your digital transformation.

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