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The Best Swiss CRM for the Legal Profession. Shift your focus on practising the law. InvestGlass automates your CRM by providing legal templates, cases status updates, and an unmatchable document digitalization.
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In our growing digitalized world, Client Relations Management remains a tool mostly tailored for the financial service industry. Yet, accelerated by the ongoing pandemic, law firms tend to turn to all-in-one CRMs. However, most CRMs are not fully prepared and customizable for law firms. Law firms and lawyers are searching for a solution which centralizes their customer data, organizes important tasks, manages all documents in one place, automates marketing emails, track customer interactions, and simplify the invoicing process.

InvestGlass’s tailored law template provides a user-friendly customizable CRM ideal for law firms and lawyers.


InvestGlass’s lawyer template enables a clear tackling of the legal professions’ challenges. Additionally, customizable fields and emails can be tailored to fit your specific law firm, and the document system enables greater knowledge of your cases. Our invoice system enables a precise accounting of the hours spent on each client and our audit trail keeps 10 years of history.

We digitalize the client onboarding and KYC processes which automatically gather all the documents relevant to your law case. Then, our pipeline management system enables you to keep track of your client’s journey and his/her different needs along the way. The task system offers a clear organization of your time, or your team’s. Our tagging feature enhances the potential of the solution by gathering clients in opinions and interests groups. Finally, the system calculates the time spent on each client and ease the invoicing, which can be directly pursued within InvestGlass.

InvestGlass “build” mindset

  • Minimum to 0 Request for Proposal
  • Reuse 20 templates then adapt them to your business specificities
  • Ease of implementation with our success coach
  • Time to market and build payment with phases
  • Deploy and testing with minimum staff engaged
  • Strong private banking references EMEA, LA, Asia
  • Quarterly penetration tests

The platform simplifies and automates your processes in order to ease your digital transformation.

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