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The pandemic has disrupted the health and life sciences industry to the extreme and tighten the pressure on CRM adoption in said industry. Indeed, since years, health care services’ interest in CRM was increasing for multiple reasons. First, the communication prior, during, and after the care is always cumbersome. Second, assessing patient records and identification process is complex and errors may occur. Third, monitoring performance from healthcare staff is extremely difficult and time-consuming. Finally, automation is a huge component needed by the industry to enhance efficiency. 

The current health and social crisis have augmented the importance of digital transformation and efficient time and team management from healthcare companies. One of the main concern remains, however, the question of data security and compliance.


InvestGlass’s adaptability is key when considering the platform’s role in the healthcare industry. Yet, the all-in-one solution offers the ideal applicability to the health services as the creation of client portals can ease communication as well as patient record and identification approvals. InvestGlass approval processes can automate the entire workflow and ease staff administrative burden. Monitoring characteristics can also help assess staff performance as well as their involvement and feedback. Surveys can automatically be filled and send to patients as well as automating the creation of contact reports for each stage of the patient’s journey.

InvestGlass offers best-in-class onboarding digitalization as well as Pipeline and Order Management System. The all-in-one solution possibilities for the health industry is enhanced by premade templates and an invoice system which considers the time taken for each patient.

InvestGlass “build” mindset

  • Minimum to 0 Request
  • No-code CRM
  • Reuse 20 templates then adapt them to your business specificities
  • Ease of implementation with our success coach and pre-built templates
  • Build payment with phases
  • Cut cost by deploying and testing with minimum staff

The platform simplifies and automates your processes in order to ease your digital transformation.

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