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In a period of uncertainty, our customers demand stability and certainty. Currently facing one of the major social, economical, and health crisis in history, the acceleration of digital transformation has been a major challenge for all businesses. In the financial services industry, the usually present contact has been replace with conference calls and remote talks. The challenge is thus to manage your team as well as your clients in the most efficient way.


InvestGlass provide the means and ends to overcome the challenge of digitalization within the financial service industry. We offer an all-in-one solution ranging from a client management system to bulk email marketing, and from portfolio rebalancing to a personalized client portal. Build trust by instantly communicating news and opportunities with your clients and managing their ever-changing expectations via forms and surveys. Digitalize your onboarding processes and KYC.

Our financial clients usually host the CRM on their server behind their firewalls. InvestGlass is also offered on the cloud-based solution hosted in Geneva and Lausanne.

InvestGlass “build” mindset

  • Minimum to 0 Request for Proposal
  • Reuse 20 templates then adapt them to your business specificities
  • No code CRM
  • Ease of implementation with our success coach
  • Time to market and build payment with phases
  • Deploy and testing with minimum staff engaged
  • Strong private banking references EMEA, LA, Asia
  • Quarterly penetration tests

The platform simplifies and automates your processes in order to ease your digital transformation.

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