Capture leads with zero leakage and follow up in timely manners. InvestGlass maximizes Brokerage firms' lead conversion rate and enables customizable investment offers to your prospects and clients.
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Brokerage firms success is based on lead conversion and commissions. Yet, the digital transformation is pressuring a clear optimization of time and team management. Within the industry, the key characteristics of CRMs to succeed are the ease of use, the visibility into agents activity, the quality of automation and follow-ups, and the ability to monitor performance.

The current crisis and accelerating business transformation has complexified interaction and emphasizes work from home. This change in the work environment has enhanced the pressure to efficiently digitalize. Therefore, brokerage firms are dependent on efficient client management software as well as lead generation and conversion.



Leverage InvestGlass digital forms to capture new leads from your website. Simply import your existing contacts with an excel spreadsheet or connecting your favorite business card scanning application.


Build sales pipeline to launch your fund campaign and engage with smart investment ideas in the right time. All engagements are easily captured into contact reports to make sure your team never forget prospects. Your voice over IP is directly connectable with InvestGlass CRM to capture all information in the same place.


The CRM is built with a financial artificial intelligence which will prioritize investment ideas to be shared with each investor. With InvestGlass investor portal, connects your trading feed into a full portfolio management system. From the portal investors can book their orders.


As you grow, InvestGlass offers marketing automation and sales automation tool to multiply your capabilities without multiplying your team. InvestGlass compliance and portal features are fully automated to reduce manual workload.

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