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InvestGlass provides the necessary tools to assess market opportunities, rebalance spv and amcs, and share factsheets with investors.
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 In this very uncertain times, it is very difficult to reach your investors without a complete digital solution. Most of our clients used American solutions that are usually expensive, very specialized for asset management but are not suited for their customized process. 



Leverage InvestGlass digital forms to capture new leads from your website. Simply import your existing contacts with an excel spreadsheet or connecting your favorite business card scanning application.


Build sales pipeline to launch your fund campaign and engage with smart investment ideas in the right time. All engagements are easily captured into contact reports to make sure your team never forget prospects.


Build your own digital portal and collect all information your investors are expecting to see. InvestGlass portal is fully customizable. With InvestGlass forms and InvestGlass marketing tools you will send either targeted messages as well as surveys. Monitor clients’ interests with no efforts to increase their conversion.


As you grow, InvestGlass offers marketing automation and sales automation tool to multiply your capabilities without multiplying your team. InvestGlass compliance and portal are fully automated to reduce manual workload.


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