A digital cross-border compliance solution backed by BRP Bizzozero & Partner SA’s trusted, industry-leading expertise across 180+ jurisdictions. BRP Tax covers more than 60 countries.

Indigita helps banks and asset managers conduct business in a compliant way to minimize cross-border risks – so they can fully focus on delivering excellent service to their clients.

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Contact person : Nabil Hatimy

Rue de Vermont 62
CH-1202 Geneva

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Phone Number: +41 22 552 30 80

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Cross border compliance

Due to the increasing globalization our society is facing, cross-border trade and exchange, in general, have become key components of our economies. Connect the InvestGlass portal to the Indigita API and get unrivalled cross-border know-how built into your systems. Indigita allows you to minimize the cross border risks and their API enables your systems to provide answers to regulatory questions, create automated controls and establish barriers.

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