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API: the solution

Why is connecting APIs to our platform a necessity?

The Challenge

Do you have sufficient human resources to satisfy your growing customers’ requirements? 
Our clients were stuck with a portfolio management system and transaction ledger which needed 18 to 24 months to build a query because they needed to be connected with old web services. 
The teams were afraid to bring data coming from everywhere. It was a huge challenge to bring this project alive.

Another major challenge was to align stakeholders and then analyze fragmented assets. Assets are call reports, positions, transactions, marketing content that could be stored in the InvestGlass cloud platform or into existing CRM, CMS, PMS, OMS.


The Solution

InvestGlass artificial intelligence or A.I. is removing the complexity by unlocking the complexity of building enhanced intelligence. The solution is InvestGlass any point API enabling any financial advisor to deliver smarter, hyper-personalized, and more predictive investor experiences.

InvestGlass API can sit on the top of any existing software to help them talk to each other. InvestGlass is the only platform to help to connect to any mainframe to optimize key performance indicators that matter to your business.

    API connectors

    The Result

    We work with banks and asset managers to deliver the right algorithm for specific use cases: Click-through rate, Conversion rate, Credit – Risk scoring, Number of trades, Number of call reports, Number of visits are processed into our machines to deliver simple and actionable insights. The benefits :

    • Get automatic reminders for securities or portfolios to rebalance.
    • Reveal sales pipeline with engagement level reminder.
    • Surface key opportunity insights including customer sentiment
    • Provide advisors and bankers with the best next action to take based on positive and negative signals to increase the likelihood of closing an opportunity.
    • Save time on execution
    • Save money with hyper-targeted marketing
    • Reduce churn and attrition

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