Artificial Intelligence, the new competitive advantage for financial advisors

Get smarter with every customer interaction

For many financial institutions, the technical expertise, data infrastructure, and other resources required to deliver AI solutions is too significant. InvestGlass A.I Powered is removing the complexity of artificial intelligence, enabling any financial advisor to deliver smarter, hyper-personalized and more predictive investor experiences.

Step 1. Ingest behavior analytics

Processing collecting information from bankable and non-bankable data

Call Reports

Live Market Data

Human Sales Behaviour

Financial Transactions

Step 2. Analyse financial behavior

From InvestGlass core rules, EMT, EMIR, MIFID, LSFIN, MIF - we interpret the behaviour to optimise your key performance indicators

Step 3. Engage

Phone, SMS, Email, Chatbot, Native Cloud Portal engage each client with the best proposal

Step 4. Measure 10X Faster Prospecting

InvestGlass is the first Artificial Intelligence as a Service - delivering search and discovery leads for financial advisors

Close More Deals

Recommend the financial product, marketing content, to offer for each investor

Seamlessly apply pre-advice and best advice concepts

Increase fee / human time ratio

Increase Sales Productivity

Get an automatic reminder for securities or portfolio to rebalance.

Prioritise sales pipeline with engagement level reminder.

Automate Sales Activities

Surface key opportunity insights including customer sentiment, competitor involvement, and overall prospect engagement to understand whether or not a deal is likely to close.

Provide sales reps with the best next action to take based on positive and negative signals to increase the likelihood of closing an opportunity.

Connect with Your Customers and Create New Business

Automate your customer service and marketing efforts

Engage more effectively with both current and prospective buyers

Reduce operating costs

Target the Best Leads

Automatically analyse millions of data combinations in minutes

Determine likelihood to convert with defined lead scores

Find trends in unstructured data or trading logs

Identify the top factors that determine predictive lead

Track key lead score metrics across your institution

Win, retain, and grow your customer base

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