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December 5nd, 2016

The PSD2 and the MiFID2 (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) are two new European directives that will come into force in 2018. Banks, brokers, independent financial advisors that would think that it is enough to satisfy the new requirements are wrong. The directives trigger fundamental changes. Strategic thinking is essential.
The implementation of the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) in January 2018 means that firms operating within the European Union will be forced to spend much of next year preparing a strategy for the new regulatory landscape.

Regulatory technical and implementing standards in a pyramid



Filtering information is now mandatory. Professional investors must share the right information to the right client in the right time and with respect to suitability and appropriateness. Effects will be mixed and certainly positive for independent research providers. Independents managers or research providers dedicated to increasing transparency and efficiency in the investment research space have already begun to fragment the European marketplace.
At InvestGlass, we believe the quality of research produced will increase, not decrease as the research landscape shifts towards independent research providers and managers. Read more ESMA - MiFID (II) and MiFIR


How can InvestGlass help me? We connect information pipes for you.

Following the European regulation on prospectus, InvestGlass offers the possibility to access Morningstar premium feed (additional cost may occur.) Alternatively, InvestGlass content management system offers the possibility to upload corporate prospectus in several languages and available in different countries of distribution.
Client interactions can be stored on the platform via call reports including all relevant information, to ensure that the circumstances in which the advice were given are recorded.


How to control 3rd-party stocks research distribution?

New MIFID rules mean banks will in future be prohibited from giving away research free to clients in return for trading commissions, and investors will have to vet the quality of research and pay for it separately. With InvestGlass, large institutions, can filter content to each client with respect to information properly sourced.

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