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Challenge of all media companies

The Media and Entertainment industry is more than any other industry dependent on matching customer expectations. The current social crisis is changing the media industry landscape and a modern relationship management system needs to enable tailoring of your product or service to your customer needs. Indeed, the media industry is defined by a major trend of digital transformation and the pressure of up- and cross-selling which contrast with traditional outreach methods. Modern methods of sales representatives and sales teams to create strong customer relationships include using a sales pipeline, an ad inventory, and marketing to a target audience.

Sales processes can thus be customized as would advertising agencies via a media CRM system. Marketing automation guarantees entertainment organizations higher retention rates and business growth while maximizing returns.


The ultimate solution for the media and entertainment industry

InvestGlass’s offering ranges from a complete CRM solution to a customizable client portal. This range of offers provides all the necessary features to efficiently manage clients and teams within the communication industry. Indeed, from the target market to automatically contact prospects, including define target audiences and selection based on certain criteria, the machine works for you! We provide the means to tailor your service to your customers via surveys and forms and to efficiently manage opportunities. Direct traffic from your website can also be gathered by embedding forms. Share the organization’s data with clients via a personalized dashboard or customized emails.

Our all-in-one solution is complemented by automation opportunities and monitoring capabilities. Automate your sales and follow-up processes and assess your team performance using our user-friendly and no-code interface. InvestGlass can be provided on cloud servers or on-premise. Cloud servers make setting up on the CRM solutions easier while the operational process can be personalized to your specific media realm.


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