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Email marketing and business processes

Brokerage firms’ success is based on lead conversion and commissions. Yet, the digital transformation is pressuring a clear optimization of time and team management. Within the industry, the key characteristics of CRMs to succeed are the ease of use, the visibility into agents’ activity, the quality of automation and follow-ups, and the ability to monitor performance. Agents and brokers use customer relationship management software in order to gather clear data and contact information, record opportunities in the market, and assess performance metrics according to their goals. Besides, a CRM solution provides marketing campaigns, such as drip campaigns, which can be dispatch via email notifications or text messages by the sales team. Contact management and document management remain at the center of an agent’s day-to-day work. Therefore, the contact reports option enables notes to be directly recorded. Do not lose any piece of information!


CRM for brokerage

When focusing on brokerages and a broker, the customization and digitalization need becomes clear. Business apps and website applications are tools enhancing sales potential in sales teams. The pipeline uses the concept of “stage” to display the customer journey and the different interests or information needs, such as the product providers, the place, the status, the access, and so forth.

InvestGlass delivers a brokerage template that tailors the CRM to your needs. Our features embody the means to overcome the challenges the pandemic and digitalization shadowed on the brokerage sector by enabling greater trust from and communication with your clients. We offer an artificial intelligence advisor which bases its recommendations for sales and listings on your long-term strategy. Offer investment opportunities directly via the client portal, send bulk marketing emails, and manage your team efficiently with our various CRM software tools. Do not hesitate to contact us for CRM training courses.


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