Are you part of a team managing large amounts of clients? Is so, you will undoubtedly reconcile with the difficulty of maintaining deep and insightful relationships with your clients due to the number of clients under your responsibility. This duality of views and requirements is cumbersome and exhausting for unorganized employees, or even for employees pursuing their relationship management via spreadsheets. An easy solution to this bipolarity and a way to enhance your time management is to use CRM software. Technical skills are so important to increase your customer loyalty. Communication skills are important but sales marketing program and concepts will help you too.

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. InvestGlass cloud CRM helps you gather insights and track important metrics. InvestGlass also enables you to engage with customers via email, phone, and other media channels. In short, InvestGlass’s CRM will automate managing your clients’ relationships, facilitate client onboarding, and boost your efficiency.

If your team and yourself decide to join the CRM journey and enhance your capabilities, guidance and training will be needed to embrace the digitalization to its full potential.

Without further due, let’s dive into the most meaningful CRM courses.

InvestGlass CRM online training

Without any self-centric ideas, we have to mention the InvestGlass coaching course, which is available for any clients or interested parties via email ( Whether you are already a precious member of the InvestGlass community or solely wants to know more about our product, there is also hours of video on YouTube and Vimeo explaining our CRM solution inside-out.

InvestGlass Resources for Problem Solving

On the InvestGlass website, you can also find webinarsvideo walkthroughs, a blog, and a helpdesk. These resources enable a clear understanding of our product as well as tips and tricks on setting it up. Additionally, all the advantages of a CRM are displayed and explanations on how to use the platform to its full potential are concisely reported.

Except for InvestGlass’s resources, other companies and learning programs are available online.

Target and develop client relations

The following courses are general training targeting CRM’s possibilities and capabilities regarding the development of client relations:

  1. edX
  3. DePaul University
  4. UK Professional Development Academy

These courses provide beginners with the necessary knowledge to start their CRM journey with ease and confidence.

Hands-on training

Although not recommended during a pandemic, a wide range of hands-on training and workshops also exist in order to efficiently train our team to CRM usage. Here is the non-exclusive list:

  1. BMC Training
  2. Institute of Data and Marketing
  3. ANA
  4. Business Training Works

These hands-on workshops dive deeper into CRM usage and training. These courses are tailored for specialists who aim to maximize their digitalization journey’s potential and clients’ satisfaction. They are more expensive than videos as well as the InvestGlass resources which are all cost less.

CRM Blogs and Podcasts

An additional set of literature that adds a different view and perspective regarding CRM training are blogs and podcasts. This type of resources generally provides more insights on the issues of CRM software as well as rankings. Besides, your peers and consultants post their opinions that are not, or less, bias than CRM providers’ ideas and beliefs. Here is a brief overview of the most important blogs and podcasts:

  1. CRM Talk Podcast
  2. CRM Rocks
  3. CRM Search
  4. CRM Switch
  5. SaasList
  6. Econsultancy

These podcasts and blogs provide numerous posts as well as regular updates and new content.

Upcoming European conference

Furthermore, even if presential meetings and conferences are still providing to be difficult to organize this year, numerous conferences are taking place, be it online or in-person if possible. These conferences are great opportunities to learn about CRM software and to exchange with specialists in the field. Among the numerous upcoming conferences:

  1. Swiss CRM Conference
  2. International Conference on Internet Marketing and Customer Relationship Management
  3. International Conference on Customer Relationship Management Systems

Online videos

Last but not least, online videos remain during the pandemic an invaluable resource to learn new skills and develop new capabilities. Consultants, such as Azamba, provide a list of CRM videos ranging from beginners to specialists which enhance your skills and eases your CRM usage. Finally, online learning platforms, such as Linkedin Learning, enable the easy and friendly gathering of skills-enhancing videos, including CRM features detailed explanations.

Would you be in classical sales or e commerce a CRM will be key for customer retention. In the next blog post we will focus on data analytics and presenting how very little technical skills are required to boost your team members profitability.

We suggest you organise regular training sessions with you team and show them how to improve and shorten the “field service” with persona and case studies. Regardless of how good your customer service skills are, it’s impossible to manage relationship with all customers the same way. CRM adoption can be tough for some team and we suggest you to check for email marketing, business process automation when it is possible to automate the tasks.