Portfolio investment proposal tools are software features aiming at simplifying and automating writing proposals. A proposal is an overall portfolio allocation proposition that takes into consideration the investor’s goals and suitability, including other factors such as, e.g., their attitude to risk and their ESG preferences. This is why customer interaction is key in order to understand the investment characteristics best suited to individual clients.

An online proposal generator is easy to create and find in the market as many software companies already produce similar solutions. However, the best software is able to combine asset allocation strategies and investment portfolio templates with clients’ suitability and a specific customer experience. A CRM system with an integrated business proposal software can offer such possibilities, enhancing financial advisors’ efficiency and favoring the sales process.

InvestGlass: An investment proposal management software enabling proposal templates

As every sales advisor knows, creating financial portfolio proposals is extremely time-consuming. Proposal generation can be done via google sheets, yet, better proposals are created using investment proposals CRM software. CRMs can combine a proposal generator, a manager allocation tool, and rebalancing tools with customer data. In short, an all-in-one PMS and CRM solution, which InvestGlass, among other features, processes.

Create proposals

How to create a complete investment proposal?

The feature to build proposals can be activated from an existing portfolio to rebalance allocations or from a new portfolio with the initial balance of the investor. The advisors can then design proposals based on three elements:

  • Adding securities manually
  • Adding securities within an investment universe
  • Adding securities via a model or template

Combining these three tools is also possible and grant the proposal software extreme customizability. Securities can be created or imported directly from a content library. Once the securities are added, the advisor, banker, or consultant, can simply enter the quantity of each security or the allocation the proposal needs to showcase. You can also save time by simply letting the model work for you.

Once 100% of the portfolio is allocated correctly, the platform can perform suitability checks based on the clients’ interests and characteristics. The final document is then generated and send to the client. This tool enables automating the entire process which is ideal for bankers in small businesses as well as in large companies. Indeed, other tools complete the feature such as task and notification management.

Customize and automate your proposal software

As seen, proposal software enables the sales team to attract a new business and new clients by easing the investment proposal process. Yet, why is a CRM trumping such software via a unique combination of tools?

From potential clients to custom reports, the platform automates your work. Prospective clients are, during onboarding, asked to answer forms and submit files and information. InvestGlass enables the creation of DM profiler forms that classify the investors depending on their interests and risk profile. The result of said form is saved into the CRM and is used to select which investment strategy is proposed to the client via model selection. Additional characteristics can be entered in the suitability section such as securities to exclude, ESG preferences, securities to include, maximum volatility, and so forth. The investment proposal is directly assessed against these suitability parameters and advice is automatically rendered. Once the proposal is sent, a PDF is generated showcasing the difference between actual and proposed allocation; an allocation that the client can decide to accept or reject. Finally, reporting features enable report creation and recording all steps within a sales pipeline.

InvestGlass offers temporary free software for testing as well as a free demo. Pricing tables are advantageous and offer a definite competitive advantage. Ease the work of your bankers today by providing them with tools that work for them!!