In this article on email marketing strategy, you will find examples and templates for generating a higher return on investment – ROI – on your cold emails and calls. Email marketing’s importance is rapidly growing in our digitalized society. This trend is exacerbated by the COVID pandemic putting email marketing campaigns at the centre of a sale process. One could believe that phone calls and meeting are more personal than emails and, as such, emails are going to be completely outdated soon enough. No way! We believe that email marketing campaigns are still needed to contact your prospects and clients as well as deepening your client relations.

Without further due, let’s dive into our best email marketing tips and strategies to grow, engage, and retain your client in the long term using email marketing campaigns as a mean for customer loyalty.

1.     Start with your inbound email marketing strategy

2.     Manage your email list and segment contacts

3.     Create high performing and hyper-targeted email marketing campaigns

4.     Optimize your emails to drive conversations, leads, and conversions

5.     Create email templates for your email marketing campaign


Start with your inbound marketing campaign

To understand the inbound marketing methodology, you have first to understand the difference between outbound and inbound. When you write your email template, you have to understand what your prospect current mindset is as well as how you want to present your product or service to trigger a need from your customers. Marketing emails need to be personalized to the reader and filled with interesting and relevant information; much like an email newsletter.

In your mind, you should always have three steps which are attractionengagement and delight. It’s only once you understood the three elements of your targeted email list that you can start thinking about your inbound email marketing strategies.

Your email software should be connected to your CRM database. You should also make sure that your CRM has all the basic information to target your customers with the relevant email marketing plan. For example, InvestGlass uses SendGrid to couple the CRM information with an email campaign. In InvestGlass, remember to decide upon your mandatory fields to highlight missing fields and update them before you use the email marketing tools.

Then, you have to decide on the communication channel. Are your clients’ blogs’ subscribers? Which media are there consuming? They might be using chatbots? or simply your website? You must find the right channel and make sure that the conversations are engaged seamlessly with your clients and prospects. In order to find the correct channel, assess your website traffic, your newsletter impact, or the new subscribers after a product update. Do not neglect the mean of campaign communication as the marketing channel is more important than the message itself!

Yet, keep in mind that your marketing strategy and its content should reflect your goals and business intentions. As Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do but why you do it.”

Manage your email list and segment contacts

To create your email list, we suggest you think outside pure marketers emails and focus on a buyer’s journey. This is by-person or associated with a behaviour. Of course, this behaviour is the behaviour that you want or wish your subscribers/buyers to have and not the actual clients’ response. Yet, it’s a correct way to start and create a contextual message, test and try it — this is pure A/B testing. Test different marketing scenarios until you find the best ideal message, i.e. vary the audience/list, the subject lines, as well as the content. The best and most effective email marketing works are including constant contact with your clients and a pre-populated list of issues. Finally, do not forget to preview text before sending and include features from your product.

To decide upon the ideal content, you should collect the right information. In order to ease this extensive work, use the CRM and the forms to make sure that you collect the campaign information correctly. Forms can be embedded and share on websites to enlarge your potential subscribers and buyers as well as your campaign marketing list. The data should be explicit and, obviously, in compliance with email regulations, see GDPR. Therefore, do not send email to everyone, as you could be defined as a SPAM – Gary Thuerk –, and make sure that every part of your email list is clean. It’s better to grow your list of email subscribers one by one with a good signup form than importing a large mailing list and see little open rates for email campaigns because the content is not relevant.

The client segment should have a process with leads, customers, subscribers, topics and perhaps also some elements such as Christmas or Chinese New Year, Hanukkah… We suggest you use TAGS for that segmentation too. Additionally, for special events, do not hesitate to include a discount code if this aligns with your business politics.

It’s important to make sure that you have a healthy database and that your clients have an option to unsubscribe.

Create high performing and hyper-targeted email marketing campaigns

Defining a powerful and high-performing email strategy is something easy using the correct method. A way to simply form a coherent email is to use the “SMART” framework

·       S for specific

·       M for measurable

·       A for attainable

·       R for relevant

·       T for timely


This is the core of InvestGlass’s solution to deliver the right financial information at the right time to the right investor. Sending the right email also means making sure you use the moustache or “dynamic variable” inside your template email in order to deliver a hyper-targeted message. This message should be reflected in the subject line. The email editor is clearly where the focus should be put upon as the email content engages customer and foster “open and click” behaviours.

This is what we call hyper-targeted communication which means sending information that will be individualized to make sure that each consumer believes that it is a 1 to 1 message.

Obviously, the conversation should be based on words, but you can also attach some documents and forms. As InvestGlass generates forms linked to the CRM database, you can therefore ask extremely specific questions and even ask your contacts to update their own preferences with those questionnaires! The CRM will help you grow your email list in a better and more efficient way than excel.

With InvestGlass, you can enhance your email marketing automation as well as newsletter or surveys dispatch.

Optimize your emails to drive conversations and conversions

Once you crafted the perfect email, the objective is to increase the numbers of clicks. This is what we called the open and click or click to action – something I like to call the compelling call to action. Here we have to make sure that we will limit to one-click/link to encourage customers to follow the link.

Create the right email templates for your campaign

Then, you will definitely create templates that can be saved and shared among your colleagues to promote a product and service but also for KYC remediation. You can define in the email template different types of business needs to create the perfect message and a frictionless experience for prospects and investors.

Send Emails: 4 keys ideas!

So how to create email marketing that we can trust? The first step is to make sure that the content of the email educates your customers and investors.

Email should provide valuable downloads and resources and, therefore, help and educate your clients.

The call to action should be clear and you should send only have one call to action per email. The email can be of various formats with videos, pictures or just a very basic text. From InvestGlass, you can customize the “link name” within email templates.

In 2021, you must make sure that you collect expressed consent. This is the key of the can-spam and GDPR which is to make sure that you collected in one way or another and express permission or consent to contact client or prospects from your email list. If someone asks you to stop sending emails, then you should stop it — and send a “breaking up” email.

Sales script ideas?

{{first name}} the first name and all information in brackets are directly promoted from your CRM as a dynamic variable that enhances the email marketing campaign.

Hi {{first name}},

My name is {{My Name}} and I head up business development efforts with {{My Company}}. We recently launched a service/platform that {{One Sentence Pitch}}

I read about you and based on your online profile, you appear to be an appropriate person to connect with…or might at least point me in the right direction.

I’d like to speak with someone from {{Company}} who is responsible for {{handling something relevant to my product}}

If that’s you, are you open to a ten-minute call on {{time and date}} to discuss ways the {{Company Name platform}} can specifically help your business?

If not you, can you please put me in touch with the right person? I appreciate the help!

Kind regards,

{{My Name}}



One or two other steps are needed such as the template colours, the complex logos and the setup of your outbound email communication centre. This takes no more than 10 minutes to do and will make your email feel like it is leaving from your own mailbox!

Analyze more and more with simple technology

To analyze your email, you should have a look at how many emails were delivered, how many emails were missing, how many emails were open, how many emails were clicked and how many emails get converted which means someone achieved a goal by clicking on the button or fulfilling a transaction.

How to build your Return on Investment

As a first step, you have to subtract the money you invested in this campaign from the money you will make with an additional investor or sales. For example, CHF 10’000 is the money you made in additional sales, CHF 1’000 is the money you invested in the campaign, then your revenue from the email marketing campaign equals CHF 9’000.

To get the ROI, divide the total money invested in your company so CHF 9’000 divided by CHF 1’000 equals nine. Finally, multiply this result by 100 to compute the percentage: here it will make 900%. The ROI is 900%.

Now you are ready! Go and get them! Increase your brand awareness.

To download more content and test the email strategy by yourself take a tour of our free CRM and email marketing tools.