When you have a new prospect which is asking you for better pricing – before testing your bank/brokerage services what should you do?

You have to get them to focus on the value of your service or product. And, of course, being remote – you cannot use your charms to facilitate the purchase experiences. In most cases, it’s important that your client receives the impression that they make a good deal…

This reminds me of my Chinese clients at a Chinese Bank where we would offer some Swiss chocolates, Geneva fountain pen and goodies… this is not such a good idea because, in reality, it does not help the prospect to focus on the value proposal but instead on a goodie distraction.

In our experience, customers who got a discount churn twice as fast as those who have not received a discount. So it’s a bit of a verbal negotiation but at one point if find a way to make your service product fits into their words, their mindset, their strategy – it means that you have a fit – and fit worth $$$ and €€€. It’s important to ask questions – quietly, politely until you get an answer.

Be proud of your service! 💃🏼🕺🏻

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So in January let’s get digital ready.