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Today I’m going to show you all the latest video tools we use. InvestGlass is the number one Swiss cloud CRM made for people that want to be productive and not busy, right? We will present how you can use the following tools.

Today I’m going to show you all the latest video tools we use. InvestGlass is the number one Swiss cloud CRM made for people that want to be productive and not busy, right? We will present how you can use the following tools.



If content is king, video content is the emperor. Last year, video was the number 1 form of media used in content strategy, leaving blogs and info-graphics far behind. YES YES ! The power videos have in the 21st century is hard to underestimate, and your competitors are taking full advantage of it. More than 90% of them use video as a marketing tool.

You can put this video into your InvestGlass portal and this is how we do it.

Vimeo for corporate videos

Let’s dive into the solution now and let’s let me show you what we are using.
So first, the first tool we like to use is Vimeo. Perhaps when you went on our website, you found that those videos are dynamic and are looping on themselves.
We are using a video with Vimeo. Vimeo is quite helpful and quite useful because first, you are free to manage the access to the video.
You can set up the form, you can also set up the call to action. So if you want to, for example, capture your prospect emails before or after watching the video, I think Vimeo is a fantastic tool.
You will find also many aspects in terms of who saw the video, who charged the video. So this is actually very helpful.
I will strongly suggest you to use Vimeo for your commercial purposes and if you are, I would have, as asset managers or wealth managers, videos that should not be shared with everyone. Definitely, Vimeo is a right place to go.

Youtube for the mass

Now, if you’re looking for a broader audience, if you want to put your videos publicly available, obviously YouTube is the place where you have to put your videos. You have the system which will help you to create a playlist and this playlist will be simply collected. This playlist will assemble around, for example, Siri or a video.
So, if you have an investment thematic you want to talk about, if you want to talk about specific products, that’s the way to use it.
Obviously, this system is actually very helpful. If you wish to go and publish videos to all your audience, I would not be looking for YouTube.
As I said, if you want to reduce or restrain the audience, YouTube is obviously very easy to use and the latest version enables you to broadcast. Simply go there and you can do some live broadcast directly from YouTube.
So perfect tool, perfect tool if you want to reach a large audience.

Videoask for high conversion

Now, another tool we love is VideoAsk. VideoAsk has been produced by the team of Typeform in Barcelona. And this is fantastic to create videos with dialogue. So I will have different steps, here, for example, five steps. And on each of those steps, I will have a different video and these videos will be linked to each other.
It’s quite easy to manipulate the result and quite easy to build. You have simply an editor.
So after video one, basically, if answer is “A”, then I jumped to four. If answer is “B”, then I jumped to two, right?
So that’s very, very helpful. And that will help you to engage with your prospects and clients in a very different manner and definitely increase the conversion rates on your website.
So you can host this as a little widget directly onto your website, or you can do it as we do with InvestGlass, put it directly inside the app. So that is very helpful, but only if you have InvestGlass client portal and you wish to present, I would say, a very kind and gentle onboarding.

We’ve a loop video, as you see here now, once I want to create animations, so to create animations there are plenty of tools.
The tool I really liked to use now is biteable. It’s a tool which has different templates and when you can very easily move the template and generate your own storytelling around that in a previous world you would need to have a library of videos and pictures to play with, right?
And this is extremely easy to do. There is a library of videos. There is a library of pictures, and very quickly you can create your own authentic material, video material that you can broadcast at 16 by 9.
If you want to broadcast on LinkedIn or Instagram, it will be a different format. So it’s a very, very nice tool.
It’s not free, obviously like the others are free too, but it’s a tool that will save you a lot of time.
Now for video conferences, big topic, I’m sure you’re doing a lot of zooms currently. Zoom is the tool you must have.
There are also teams. If you’re more retro, you can use go meeting. All those tools obviously are very nice and can be connected to your calendar.
So I’ll give you an example here. If you take a meeting with us on Calendly which is another very nice tool that is going to check for available time slots, the system here is also to automatically create a zoom room and connect all this information directly into your favourite CRM, InvestGlass. So that’s a very nice way to have two tools collaborate with each other.
So the zoom InvestGlass through Calendly. It’s quite easy to set up. There’s no programming whatsoever, and I will strongly recommend you to try another tool we are currently using.

Livestorm for webinars

Now it’s LiveStorm. I think it’s produced in France originally. And LiveStorm is actually quite flexible and offers multiple of options.
You’ll tell me: yes, we already have those options in zoom, but I don’t know, I’d like to give a try to this solution.
The design is very, very easy to manipulate and also you have this sequence of email that is very helpful because, obviously, we are all for getting all the zooms we’re getting connected to.
So here you can create these notifications for new registrants or just for people that actually missed their webinars.
And if you want to go a step further, you have also the automations and here you can add different types of automation.

I won’t go too much into details on that, but it’s just an amazing tool. And, last but not least, is loom, loom.com.
It’s an app we love. This video actually is recorded with loom. We have seen a loom evolution for the past, I would say, year and a half, two years now, and it is just outstanding.
We love it. It’s for us the best way to communicate with your clients, your prospects, record the screen and then share the content directly with a video.
And with this little face you see on the bottom left of this video, it’s very easy to use. You can put it in your browser, you can download it from everywhere, and then you just set up which screen you want to record, show your face.
You need a good microphone and then share it with your clients.

So if I have to summarize all the tools, Vimeo, fantastic If you want to do commercial presentations, investment presentations, and logged videos with some confidentiality aspects, like a unique password or things like that.
YouTube fantastic tool If you want to broadcast your demos, if you want to broadcast public videos or just to talk about non regulated financial elements.
VideoAsk, fantastic if you wish to create some sequence of video engaging your public, but obviously your clients can record themselves and show those videos directly back into the system. So I love it. You can host it into InvestGlass.

Then, if you want to create some very lively presentations, I suggest you have a look at this fantastic tool, which is very easy to use, and it has templates.
I Love it. For conferences, zoom, go-to-meeting and life storm can be connected with Calendly.
Everything can be collected then back into your favourite CRM InvestGlass and, last but not least, if you want to give one-to-one presentations or if you just are fed up of repeating yourself too many, too many times about an aspect of your fund presentation, your investment thematic, … use the system that is loom is absolutely fantastic.

It’s gorgeously out, simple to use, and very attractive pricing. So I hope you enjoy this video. If you love it, just click on share, subscribe, and I look forward to seeing you for another video about our growth hack with InvestGlass, have a lovely day.