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InvestGlass is glad to announce its new partnership with CDDS Luxembourg SA. As an entity subject to the AML/CTF regulation, you are facing increasing and strictly enforced compliance rules and you are being asked to comply therewith. To do so, you need to run a complete analysis of your global AML/CTF risk. This is what we call customer due diligence (CDD) or know-your customer (KYC)

CDDS and InvestGlass provide a wide range of solutions that allow the screening of your clients names against the worldwide black lists, official sanctions list and PEP (Politically exposed persons) list. Our solutions enable you to run your namecheck against the following lists.

Please note that the list catalogue will evolve from time to time. For information about the updates, contact CDDS via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with object: CDDS list catalogue

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Founded in 2014, InvestGlass is a Swiss-based, white-labeled, client and prospect management platform for bankers, wealth managers and advisors. The platform is designed to facilitate more efficient prospecting and onboarding of new clients, as well as the management relationships with existing clients. Components include a content management system, CRM, and client portal.

About CDDS

Founded in 2009, CDDS is a 100% independent Luxembourg company. Based in Luxembourg, Geneva and Malta and supported by a network of partners and resellers around the world, CDDS offers AML solutions to best help professionals meet their obligations.
Since its creation, CDDS has become one of the leaders of the Luxembourg market and supports an international clientele. Our dedicated solutions by sector of activity are today adopted by Trustees, Asset Managers, Lawyers, Domiciliation Agents, Banks, real estate groups, Gaming or payment companies, Insurance companies ...

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